The Myth of the Predator

Evolution may not directly select for self-destruction, it does however select for traits that eventually lead to it: greed, intelligence, technological innovation, are the traits that help super predators achieve their meteoric rise to the top – as well as their own self-destruction On Earth, every ecosystem always takes steps to curb species that either … Continue reading The Myth of the Predator

The Myth of Empire

A spark, a hiccup. That’s all that humanity has ever been on the planet’s geological timescale. A brilliant colorful flicker, a burnt fuse, then time carries on. As they grow and expand, all civilizations are deceived by their own momentum.  Once they reach a certain size, they become arrogant enough to begin calling themselves “empires”, … Continue reading The Myth of Empire

Are Humans Sentient Beings?

Sentience is defined as “being able to perceive or feel things”.  However, the word sentience nowadays seems to be used exclusively in the context of comparing humans to AIs, or humans to other animals.  We are hellbent on convincing ourselves that we are the sole being in the known universe who can “feel” or “perceive”, … Continue reading Are Humans Sentient Beings?

The Myth of Human Rights

The concept of “entitlement” is a human invention.  Yes, all species on the planet “deserve” to have “things”, and this includes humans.  However, all of these “things”, whether they are food, water, space or other resources, are shared among all species.  Sharing is the only way to run such a complex system as Earth.  The … Continue reading The Myth of Human Rights

Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

There was a time when humans were foragers.  There were no supermarkets, not even any agricultural plantations.  People collected food by seeing what’s available around them:  some fruit, nuts, animals and fish they could kill.  It has been argued that this lifestyle inflicted little damage to the land and to animal populations, allowing the ecosystem … Continue reading Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

Die Hope, Die

No human civilization on Earth has ever consciously, successfully limited its total negative impact on the planet’s species and resources.  Never, ever in our history has our impact on the planet diminished, except perhaps during times that were out of our control or conscious intention: plagues, wars and similar events which resulted in either a … Continue reading Die Hope, Die

The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

Human civilisation is a criminal entity. Can we change that? It should not be a surprise to anyone why COP26, and all the other COPs for that matter, will ALWAYS fail, down to the very last COP that humans will ever have. Sorry to depress you. Do not be fooled by the passionate, emotional speeches … Continue reading The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

What Would A Total Collapse Look Like?

Imagine if the world economy had suddenly fallen appart. Container ships would pile up at ports like driftwood in a clogged river. Factories would shut down in China and people would be sent home to watch cat videos on TikTok. Supermarkets would struggle to fill up shelves with items because moving food around the globe … Continue reading What Would A Total Collapse Look Like?

A New Earth – Prayer

(from the novel A New Earth) John looked at Aspen and Olivia’s merged silhouettes interrupt the vastness of his wall mural.  It was a reminder that whatever humans do or say, however they act or feel, they will always be submerged within this ball of chaos: of waves, flames and debris that only the EoT itself … Continue reading A New Earth – Prayer

A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches

continued from previous He heard a gentle knock, unsure whether it came from inside his daydream, or from the real world – until he sensed the familiar direction of the sound, recognizing the three, quick, consecutive knocks.  He walked over to the door in no rush at all, opening it to see Aspen and Olivia’s … Continue reading A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches