The Revolution is Coming

Join In - Or Get Out of the Way My fellow comrades-to-be. My fellow humans. My fellow victims of the pandemic. Economic casualties. Black and Brown people fed-up with the predatory White system. Climate refugees. And those of you who cannot speak, those of you who cannot hear me, or even read my words: the … Continue reading The Revolution is Coming

Collapse means Collapse.

Are we technically extinct? A species becomes extinct when population numbers become so low that the size of the genetic pool of the few remaining individuals is too small to sustain and propagate a healthy population. Although healthy individuals of the species may still exist, they are like pages of a book that was impulsively … Continue reading Collapse means Collapse.

Humans are Jealous of Earth

Jealousy and Greed have always been closely related. But jealousy has a more mysterious, more elusive quality to it compared to its cousin. Whereas greed is ostentatious, and can almost be tangibly measured in the accumulation of physical wealth and resources, jealousy is hidden: it can be conniving, concealed behind fake motives, and very often … Continue reading Humans are Jealous of Earth

Climate Change can only be addressed if we radically redefine Happiness

It’s not what we all thought it was. Feeling Numb  It is nothing less than a tragic failure that as a species, after so much struggle, so much achievement, so much social evolution and revolution, pain and joy, tears and laughter, so many highs and lows over thousands of years of history, we find ourselves in … Continue reading Climate Change can only be addressed if we radically redefine Happiness

Media, Money, Machine: Tales of the Anthropocene System

It was the century when Earth’s systems got a complete makeover. And the planet got an expiration date. It is a word that is still not recognised by the spelling thesaurus. Yet we have been living in the Anthropocene for many decades now: the geologic time period, according to the textbooks, when the planet is … Continue reading Media, Money, Machine: Tales of the Anthropocene System