How To Sell Your Mother

Born inside a paradise full of animals and fruit

The Humans started building shelves,

And then walls around the shelves.

They installed cash registers at the front entrance

and started putting price tags on everything.

Nothing was free anymore.

The Earth became a huge supermarket

As everything was stolen and brought inside so it can be sold.

Even humans themselves became trapped inside

Because if you wanted to eat you had to earn credit

By becoming a slave inside the supermarket.

Eventually nothing remained outside the supermarket

There was nothing left to bring inside

As Earth was destroyed.

And the supermarket fulfilled its goal,

Which was to sell Earth.

The End.

Out Now – my latest novel A New Earth – The Apocalypse Locus

3 thoughts on “How To Sell Your Mother

  1. Wow. Strong, perfect, powerful statement. This is a great wake-up-call. Thanks. 👍

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  2. Yep, and the only improvements seen were the new digital cash registers that do the Cashiers thinking for them. No more do they have to stress out about making correct change. Another human thinking process lost, turned over to AI. Cheers George, Karl G.

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