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Yesterday I appeared on Environmental Coffeehouse with hosts Sandy and Jen for an hour’s discussion on all things Earth, Humans, and the “other curve” that needs to be flattened. 

What makes a climate hero or a climate villain? Thank you to BlackBearNews for the invitation to talk about my latest article Why is humanity so stupid? A Biologist tries to answer the question intelligently, my new book Disposable Earth, and all things climate activism, Extinction Rebellion, consumerism and the almighty CO2 Machine.

This week I was a guest in the Nature Bats Last podcast having a fantastic discussion about my new book with @Guy_McPherson and @iconickevin you can listen to it here:

Lord Hugh and I discuss my article The Dream that Humanity is Unable to Wake Up from – talking about the Prison Mind, Hypernormalisation, media zombification, a civilisation that uses trauma as its driving force, and climate activism beyond 2020

A really deep conversation and exploration with Dean into the human psyche, talking about “humanity’s fatal flaws” with reference to some of my articles and my previous book The Age of Separateness and the Climate Change Within