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George is a scientist, researcher, author of 8 books and host of the George Reads George podcast. His writing has been described by his readers as a mix of ecology, science, philosophy and poetry. Sometimes writing blogs and essays, other times poetry or memes, George often draws on his personal memoirs, exploring the toxic cocktail of existential crises that summarise humanity’s predicament: climate change, human exploitation, tech-induced mental illness and the 6th mass extinction, all of them a result of our deep existential fear. In his books George often asks why we, humans, do the things that we do, which often seem to make no sense. His life’s ambition is to try and reveal, to set free, the Other Human that resides in each one of us: a human who has been caged, suppressed, manipulated, traumatised and forgotten by centuries of capitalism and the CO2 “Death Support Machine” we are all hooked up to. We are all so much more than we think, if we could only remember where we came from, and the tremendous wealth that all of us already possess, simply by being a species on planet Earth.

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Wonderful prose-poetry. You seem to be the kind of writer who simply can’t stop writing from heart and head together! This is amazing to experience, and thank you for those moments” – A

Your writing speaks directly to my heart and I thank you once again” – P

Phenomenal piece of writing. Thank you” – I

The more you write, the more I sob” – J

Stunning pictorial journey into the decayed persona of humanity, the Earth’s redemption has always been our own” – K

Excellent manner of writing, your prose is quite entertaining to read, and your metaphors are a delight to lay eyes upon. Thanks for the read” – M

“You have a special way of communicating reason and emotion all bundled in one. We are blessed to have you” – B

You have such a clear mind and ability to articulate the patterns and their implications” – P

We are very happy to have stumbled upon your writing. A fresh important voice” – S

George your words are the most cogent I have read for a while. Elegant, all encompassing, gentle, true. Well done” – T

George, your thoughts put in writing are beautifully written. They bring tears of lost humanity and reverence to this experience we call life. We have become alienated from our real self. Thanks for saying it so well. Love, R

You’re such an excellent writer George! I’m a huge fan of yours. To think that you popped up out of nowhere, just a few months ago, and are now composing beautiful and poetic essays, replete with imagery and metaphor; essays which are worthy of only the most seasoned collapsitarians such as Richard Heinberg, James Kunstler, Derrick Jensen, Chris Hedges and Daniel Quinn” – A

Damn, and just like that, you find someone else who thinks like you and don’t feel so alone!” – K

George thank you so much for expressing so well what many of us are feeling” – P

Thank you George. Your have articulated so much of my life. “Every culture has its seers” – KB

Chronicling the unraveling of everything we know and hold dear.
Keep up the great work comrade” – K

“Your astute grip on the reality of the world never ceases to amaze me. Bravo for this piece of share-able intelligence” – G

This is so beautiful. You paint such a vivid picture with your words that I can see what you are writing, and it makes me smile and feel some calm. Thank you” – E

I respect the somber and realistic work you share with us” – D

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy (? :)) your writing George. Your work is awesome” – M

Thanks so much for writing these, they really strike a chord, maybe the most out of all that I read and I do read a lot…I think I can feel when you do” – M

George you are my newest favourite writer – soooo digging your spot-on alchemist mix of intelligent, insightful, consciously brilliant wordsmithing. Thank you for shining your lil light out there. You are seen and loved!” – S

Where have you been hiding George? Wonderful thinking and writing. Your site is a Goldmine” – C

Eucharisto, Palikari! Very moving and refreshing to hear your approach to our collapsing world” – P

If I wasn’t an old chick I would start up a metal band and set a tune to your words. it would be a privilege to deliver!!!” – J

Painful to read, let alone write, I imagine. Hopefully the dust will make us rub our eyes so hard, and the tears to flow so copiously that we will actually not only see what is in front of our eyes, but panic and re-invent ourselves” – A

I enjoyed reading this, some really good insights…most poignant for me is the quantity vs quality of happiness and how happy drugs came along to numb many to the underlying pain of pursuing numbers instead of organic being states. Thank you and keep writing…” – W

This quality of our minds to grasp and hold onto arbitrary distinctions, preprogrammed through our languages and culture consistently blinds us to the simple fact that we are the ones standing in our own way of realising a way to a kinder and more compassionate world. Thanks for sharing George” – FS

You are doing some great writing, George. I became aware of your work only recently. Want to say thanks” – L

This is a good article…and it does help explain why so many people have such a hard time ‘believing’ in climate change, including smart people” – R

Simply love the way you write, monsieur” – N

Mr. Tsakraklides, you’ve hit it on point. Incredibly unbiased sense of what is happening. Excellent and necessary post” – T

Profound and superbly written” – P

I love your narrative and your essays. Such insightful beauty matters now more than ever” – W

I am blown away with this piece. Bang on. This is a lock in. Carry on flying the flag– SW

Yesterday I appeared on Environmental Coffeehouse with hosts Sandy and Jen for an hour’s discussion on all things Earth, Humans, and the “other curve” that needs to be flattened. 

What makes a climate hero or a climate villain? Thank you to BlackBearNews for the invitation to talk about my latest article Why is humanity so stupid? A Biologist tries to answer the question intelligently, my new book Disposable Earth, and all things climate activism, Extinction Rebellion, consumerism and the almighty CO2 Machine.

Lord Hugh and I discuss my article The Dream that Humanity is Unable to Wake Up from – talking about the Prison Mind, Hypernormalisation, media zombification, a civilisation that uses trauma as its driving force, and climate activism beyond 2020

A really deep conversation and exploration with Dean into the human psyche, talking about “humanity’s fatal flaws” with reference to some of my articles and my previous book The Age of Separateness and the Climate Change Within