(from Pocket Philosophy for End Times – A Lexicon of Dystopia)

Our economic system has been sustained by the invention of the abstract and physically impossible concept of waste: the irrational notion that any object, resource or even human can suddenly lose its value, sometimes without any actual change in its physical properties, and be thrown away into a pile of other “valueless” objects. Humans were the first to invent “garbage” and “bins”, and this resulted in the invention, for the first time, of novel materials such as plastic or radioactivity which indeed have no value in nature. We invented not only the concept of trash, but real trash. This concept of terminating the value of an object was then expanded in order to go on and use, abuse, discard and, most importantly, replace at a new, profit-making purchase value. The concept of waste is what enabled economies to expand. But the legitimisation of this devaluation, and the consumption it led to, resulted in a cycle of destruction which can only end when there is nothing left to destroy. Consumption and purchase are only two of the steps in this toxic process. It is really the concept of waste that sits on top of this system, and which initiates the toxic cycle. By making and selling products we are not just monetizing these products or the resources used to make them. We are actually monetizing their expiration, their conversion to waste, which we choose to arbitrarily set at a point in time most convenient for maximum profit.

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8 thoughts on “Waste

  1. DUALITY, subject vs object = separation predicament, the mind predicament, the seer and the seen, the I and not I, us and them, other, the deep reality is one, there is no other, all are one. Everything is extension of self. Self is extension of universe. No universe, no self. No self, no universe. Just Reflections. Singularity. Predicament of mind = separation = waste.

  2. Thinking is maladaptive to life. Self awareness is maladaptive to life. Duality is maladaptive to life. Human predicament is either accept reality as every other living being accepts it (without domination) or go extinct. Domination is malaptive to life. We have taken over the job that we imagine god is doing. We decide who/what wins and loses aka lives or dies aka extinction. We have created a situation of dominination in servitude. The biosphere and perhaps the entire uni verse (one song) functions as agency in communion. Our heart self longs for agency in communion without separation aka LOVE. Metaphysical gravity as Bucky Fuller called it.

  3. “WASTE” is maladaptive / antithetical to life. There is no waste in the biosphere until there is a human mind. Waste is a concept of mind. Waste is a byproduct of mind aka separation aka duality. The mind is creating a false reality. IMAGINATION. We are suffering from a personal hallucination that has us at odds with true reality. The hallucination is contagious through the power of our collective imagination. We suffer from a potentially fatal disconnect from reality. The proverbial identity crisis. Who/what am I, why am “I” here. The crisis has as a symtom that we call and experience as a fear of death. In frustration we act out this death / domination cult we call civilization that deals out death every which way. War, murder, pesticides, suicides, genocides, capitalism, all the isms, religion, domination, submission, domestication, slavery, dams, agriculture, hydrogen bombs, domination, domination, domination, death, death, death, and more death. We have become death as Oppenheimer said. Identity crisis writ large over all of the planet. Our lot in life is discover our true self beyond fear or go extinct. Very simple really. Stop trying to dominate, kill, and turn everything into WASTE. Stop playing God and accept our own death and insignificance. The quest for immortality and significance is our collective insanity that is collectively suicidal. We are unconsciously acting out a self fulfilling suicidal fantasy that thinks evolution ends with us. We are desparately making it come true. Stop playing follow the leader. Get a grip on true reality. The big picture. There is no other. Separation is a mind trick. Wake up. We are part of the physiosphere, biosphere, and noosphere. Duality thinking is maladaptive. We stop playing GOD or go extinct. More domination in the form of techno fixes more likely than not will not help. There is no free lunch. There is only stimulus and response. Stop! Are we worth saving? Is the bioshere worth saving? Is it too late? No such thing really. Love Rick

  4. Hence the latest find on the ocean floor at the bottom of The Mariana Trench…a plastic bag. Great advise Mr Braddocks business associate gives Ben in The Graduate, “One word Ben, Plastic. Nuff said.” shakes Ben’s hand feels as though he’s passed on the big news of the day. Once something like that gets started, ending it is virtually impossible. I think the Plains Indians knew it but then The American Cavalry wiped them off the face of the earth, didn’t they. Can’t let information like that get passed on, it’d ruin the bottom line. Can’t have that, now can we? Sad.

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