A New Earth, Made out of Chaos

Dear Readers and Followers,

I hope this finds you well.  Thank you so much for your support over the past few months while A New Earth – The Apocalypse Locus was being conceived and written, during one of the most interesting periods of my life.  As with many of you in similar situations, I was living in Covid isolation for much of last year – but lucky enough to be residing on a beach, where my environment brought me face to face on a daily basis both with my “lockdown self”, as well as with the tremendous power, unforgiving ferocity but also positive, creative life force that an ocean possesses. 

For those of you who have been following the story closely, you can probably guess that it was on this beach in my hometown in Greece where much of A New Earth has been inspired.  It was a tremendous pleasure, in the middle of all this isolation, for me to see and interact with your comments on some of the chapters, as I followed with you John, Aspen and Olivia, the characters that I created, on their interesting adventure.

Editing is almost finished now, and this is to quickly let you know that the kindle version is already available for pre-order on Amazon, while paperback and hardcover will go live before Nov. 20th – in less than one month.  I look forward to seeing the first reviews and reactions.

In the meanwhile stay well, 


Remember that we can face the chaos, because we were all made out of chaos in the first place

All the best,

George Tsakraklides

8 thoughts on “A New Earth, Made out of Chaos

  1. Thank you, George, for generously sharing your book in serial fashion with us. You are a terrific author, the topic you wrote about the most relevant of our time!
    Florian from Switzerland

  2. Great read. Thank you. But, here in the USA, chaos will not end for quite some time as we have those opposed to mask wearing and members of Congress who want nothing to do with climate change. My heart is so saddened that we have “crazies” trying to demolish democracy. Hope for peace in our upcoming elections, November 2, 2021. ✌️🙏

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Thank you Georgie dearest. Cannot wait to read it all in my hands. We are into spring now in Aotearoa and day’s are becoming balmy. Have just finished an oil pastel of roses against an azure sea looking from an imaginary Greek Island to the coast of Greece. It is Expressionism. Totally from my imagination.

    Arohanui Noeline

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