Out Of Business

Nature used to be an all-you-can-eat buffet, with inexhaustible resources available to every species on the planet.  The food cycle constantly regenerated with each rotation around the sun, much like sushi on a rotating conveyor belt.  Humans and all the other species enjoyed this free buffet of nature for thousands of years, sometimes eating each … Continue reading Out Of Business

Who Gives a Fuck about the Children

Far above the Earth's atmosphere, in the peaceful silence of space, Russian and US partners of the International Space Station are squabbling over who's gonna die first if they separate. Linked at the umbilical cord, they both know that they will die without each other. But the hate is so strong. This picture is reflective … Continue reading Who Gives a Fuck about the Children

When Does The Movie End?

Somewhere in Ukraine's vastness, what is left of a 9-storey residential building stands like a fragile, charred skeleton, almost indistinguishable from the equally grey, angry sky behind it. Its middle section completely missing, the smoking gap is flanked on each side by two equally-sized, sister sections that seem to be pondering whether to collapse or … Continue reading When Does The Movie End?

How To Sell Your Mother

Born inside a paradise full of animals and fruit The Humans started building shelves, And then walls around the shelves. They installed cash registers at the front entrance and started putting price tags on everything. Nothing was free anymore. The Earth became a huge supermarket As everything was stolen and brought inside so it can … Continue reading How To Sell Your Mother

A New Earth, Made out of Chaos

Dear Readers and Followers, I hope this finds you well.  Thank you so much for your support over the past few months while A New Earth - The Apocalypse Locus was being conceived and written, during one of the most interesting periods of my life.  As with many of you in similar situations, I was living in … Continue reading A New Earth, Made out of Chaos