A New Earth – Black Sky

continued from previous To many outsiders, the Revelers were nothing but a self-destructive cult of escapists.    But who wouldn’t want to escape from a society that had failed?  Who wouldn’t want to reject an economic system that was based on planetcide and modern slavery?  The Revelers’ lifestyle was a healthy reaction to an unhealthy system.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Black Sky

A New Earth – The Revelers

continued from previous The city had barely lifted itself out of the flood when the rain started pummeling it down again.  Dangerous rivers were forming in the streets once more, teaming up with the grey sky above to compose a picture of a grey, post-apocalyptic urban waterworld.  But the downpour didn’t stop some of the … Continue reading A New Earth – The Revelers

A New Earth – When John met Julia

continued from previous Julia’s anger would soon be replaced by tears.  As she retreated further and further inland, she began to mourn.  A torrent of rain poured out of her, draining her last emotional reserves.  This was Julia’s final act: one last release, as she grieved remorsefully for all those who had died before her, … Continue reading A New Earth – When John met Julia

A New Earth – Julia’s Wrath

continued from previous Julia felt empowered. Her days of self-blame, endless rumination and indecision were over.  She was not afraid of anyone anymore, not the least of her own slave masters.  She was ready to take charge of her situation and change everything, even if this meant collateral damage to some.  She was ready to … Continue reading A New Earth – Julia’s Wrath

A New Earth – The Car Wash

continued from previous Strong lashings of rain mixed with brown ocean water were already battering John’s building when he started duct taping the window.  It was a similar mix of sounds to those in a drive-through car wash:  soothing at first, when the gentle sprinklers are on and you watch your windshield transform into a … Continue reading A New Earth – The Car Wash

A New Earth – Embrace

continued from previous “Don’t be sad” John said.  “Just be Here”. He put his arm over his niece’s shoulder as they both sat down on the semi-wet granite rock overlooking the sea.  They gazed aimlessly out into the vast, barely discernible horizon, separating a grey sky from a brown sea.  Everything around them seemed electrified: … Continue reading A New Earth – Embrace