A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches

continued from previous He heard a gentle knock, not sure whether it was coming from inside his daydream, or from the real world – until he sensed the familiar direction of the sound, recognizing the three quick, consecutive knocks.  He walked over to the door in no rush at all, opening it to see Aspen … Continue reading A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches

A New Earth – The Circle

Continued from previoushttps://tsakraklides.com/2021/07/31/a-new-earth-to-all-new-arrivals/ Olivia looked at her notifications. Jonathan had just sent her a screenshot of a satellite image of the illuminated area of the Atlantic ocean, and a message: “on my way”. Over at the Minimalists’ corner, the ritual celebration had turned into a leadership meeting. Heading it was a woman in her early … Continue reading A New Earth – The Circle

A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

continued from previous Olivia begun to curiously walk towards the far end of the beach, where a medium-sized group of Minimalists had set up a permanent vigil for months now. Tonight the atmosphere was different: re-energized by the latest reports of new variants arising across the globe, the Minimalists had decided to have a celebration … Continue reading A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

A New Earth – Tumbling and Sinking

continued from previous The crayon started getting smaller and smaller as John worked feverishly across the surface of the wall, following his inspiration in real time as it came up with waves, patterns and designs faster than his hand could jot them down.  All he could do was trust his intuition, as he became a … Continue reading A New Earth – Tumbling and Sinking

A New Earth – Petunia

continued from previous Olivia waved from afar with one hand while resting her entire body on a big shovel.  The early morning heat had pretty much exhausted her already, but the satisfaction that came from this morning’s garden work had brought a wide smile to her face.  She had spent the past hour finally getting … Continue reading A New Earth – Petunia

A New Earth – Why do I photograph things?

continued from previous He could see that the urban landscape was getting rougher further down towards the port: this was an area where a river of debris had come rushing down the mountain at the peak of the hurricane, following the tracks of the ancient creek that had been paved over hundreds of years ago. … Continue reading A New Earth – Why do I photograph things?

A New Earth – Memory Lane

continued from previous But sometimes adding on to the existing DNA code is not nearly enough to adapt.  Sometimes evolution cannot catch up with the changes.  The only way to “adapt” in this case is to start over, the process of life itself.  The EoT was less concerned about the life or death of individual … Continue reading A New Earth – Memory Lane

A New Earth – The Square

continued from previous John looked out of his window and down into the destroyed botanical gardens that used to take up most of the space in the square.  There was still broken glass lying everywhere, marking the silhouette of where the huge dome of the central conservatory used to stand. Most of the debris had … Continue reading A New Earth – The Square

A New Earth – The Revelers

continued from previous The city had barely lifted itself out of the flood when the rain started pummeling it down again.  Dangerous rivers were forming in the streets once more, teaming up with the grey sky above to compose a picture of a grey, post-apocalyptic urban waterworld.  But the downpour didn’t stop some of the … Continue reading A New Earth – The Revelers