The only way to reform Capitalism is to Kill it.

A Tale of Two Economies By now, some of us have began to realise that our economic system is responsible for the totality of the mess our planet is in: natural destruction, accelerating mass extinction, exploitation and inequality, and deterioration of physical and mental health. In fact, all of the above are necessary ingredients of … Continue reading The only way to reform Capitalism is to Kill it.

About my new book, Photographic Heart

Our memory originally evolved as a survival tool. In its most biological definition, you may say that our memory has merely been there to help us learn from our past, so that we can recognize danger and avoid it in the future. Almost all species have some level of memory installed, for this purpose. But at … Continue reading About my new book, Photographic Heart

Media, Money, Machine: Tales of the Anthropocene System

It was the century when Earth’s systems got a complete makeover. And the planet got an expiration date. It is a word that is still not recognised by the spelling thesaurus. Yet we have been living in the Anthropocene for many decades now: the geologic time period, according to the textbooks, when the planet is … Continue reading Media, Money, Machine: Tales of the Anthropocene System


It’s been a month  since they disappeared  leaving behind a trail of plastic wreckage dried flesh torn along sharp crevasses and half-broken, half-buried consumer goods now consumed by a new sediment in the planet’s geological history. Like fresh flowers doused in gasoline they waited for the spark to ignite them as they set fire to … Continue reading Plasticene

The Remortgaging of Earth

(from Pocket Philosophy for End Times: A Lexicon of Dystopia) Green Growth: an oxymoron. A ploy by investors and the renewable energy industrial complex who promise to create jobs while cutting down emissions, when in reality aiming to make those investors rich, create more consumers who will pay for the investment, and hope that somehow, … Continue reading The Remortgaging of Earth