A New Earth – Deconstruction

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“You mean that we’ve crossed the tipping point and into ecosystem self-destruction?” Olivia asked.  Her look was one of both astonishment and concern.

“In order to create, first you must destroy” John said.  “Earth is trying to rebuild the food chain from scratch, while there’s still time and resources.  She’s started at the bottom of the pyramid obviously, the microorganisms – it’s always much easier that way.  A few point mutations or lucky horizontal gene transfers here and there, and suddenly you’ve got something viable in the new age.  Suddenly you’ve got something that can survive even in the infernal times we have entered.  Everything else and everyone else in the ecosystem now must be built around those few, new organisms.  It’s going to be one brutal race to the bottom, even for those who survive”.

Olivia noticed the word “She” in John’s language.  This was not the John she had come to know.  It was a new John.  A John emancipated from the sterile, formulaic science that was so self-censoring, so blinded by its own tunnel vision that it was unable to see the big picture: to understand that everything is connected, that there is a higher wisdom in the way in which the world was constructed – a wisdom which self-absorbed humans were failing to understand.  The more they try to harness this wisdom, the more damage they will cause if they continue to ignore the impact that their actions have on the Whole.  This was one of the reasons why John referred to Earth as “She”: because to him, Earth needed to be afforded the honor, the recognition, for being the ultimate scientist and at the same time the ultimate Mother of us all.  The smartest, wisest and fairest of them all.

“I’m afraid you might be right” Olivia said.  “I mean, between the fires, the pandemics, the tropical forests becoming net carbon emitters, coral reefs dying, now this, it certainly looks like we are going through a complete rearrangement of the biosphere.  The EoT has made its decision”

 “Someone’s been reading my books” – John smiled.  He leaned forward towards Olivia as he continued:

“The EoT has indeed made its decision, and it is always the same decision.  It is not interested in individual players, that’s not important.  It is interested in maintaining the overall balance of the Whole.  Its priority is to ensure that Life continues on this planet, even if this means killing most of it in the process.”

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