A brief time in Planet Earth’s history that was characterized by the domination of all habitats and corners of the planet by a single species.  The resulting overgrowth, or civilization, brought about major changes to the planet’s oceans, landmasses and atmosphere, and was responsible for a major extinction event.  For reasons not completely understood, the Humanity species disappeared almost as quickly as it had emerged. The abrupt end to the brief age of Humanity was succeeded by one of the most prolific periods for the biomes of Earth, as new species evolved out of those that had survived, and the planet’s climate eventually reached a new steady-state equilibrium.  It is believed that the Humanity species had evolved a sophisticated in-built self-regulating mechanism, or technology, that was automatically activated once its population had reached a certain size. Self-destruct mechanisms are not too uncommon in nature.  However, the complete disappearance of Humanity suggests that additional factors were at play.

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2 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. Apparently some of the species saw that their only home was on fire but they were labelled ‘Alarmists’ and were denigrated for being so negative.
    The dominant culture kept it’s foot on the accelerator whilst at the same time selling a ‘Incremental’ agenda that most of the species fell for.
    The End.

  2. Success at exploitation can create a self reinforcing feedback loop that is difficult (impossible) to stop without pain and sacrifice. Voluntary simplicity (poverty) is not very appealing to this narcissistic species. Especially for the winners of the explotation. Even though I have relatively little as far as wealth is measured in this cult. I was born a winner. I have never gone hungry or without healthcare if needed. I have had warm housing. I am a spoiled exploiter. I don’t feel good about it. But I am only one of billions. I suffer from what E. O. Wilson calls biophilia. I am still exploiting in distress. Love Rick

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