To Be Loved

Once upon a time in the future, 200 thousand years from now,

There was a lonely toilet seat at the bottom of the ocean.

It sat there motionless all day, half buried in the sand,

As it watched the world go by:

The flocks of small fish, the sharks, whales, and seals,

All of which seemed too busy to even notice it.

The seat sat there for thousands of years,

always pondering the same question:

What is my purpose?

What was I made for?

One day, a small fish discovered the seat,

And passed through the hoop.

The seat finally felt loved

It felt tingling sensations of static electricity pass through its now aging plastic flesh.

“This must be it. I’m a doorway”

“I’m a beautiful arch”

I’m here simply to be admired, to be played with

To be Loved

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