At the outer fringes of the cold spectrum,

lies a different kind of colour concoction.

An unlikely sibling within the blue family:

the jovial one, the glass-full optimist,

a combination of misplaced wavelengths:

the sunny, refreshing juice of a citrus,

squeezed over the aching blue heart of a hopeless poet.

Somehow, you made the combination work.

But although you may be the one that got away from the gloom,

you never strayed too far.

George is an author, researcher, podcaster, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, join his mailing list, or enjoy his books

2 thoughts on “Turquoise

  1. A beautiful poem about one of nature’s most beautiful colours – evoking memories of the time and tides and caused me to read it again and again…

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