A New Earth – Breaking Every Rule

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Aspen had probably been chosen by the EoT.  It was even possible that she may have been created by it, in much the same way that the phytoplankton variant had come into existence: born out of the conflict, chaos and desperation of climate change.  A woman born inside a man’s body, Aspen was the equivalent of the phytoplankton variant in the human population:  breaking away from the past, and breaking every rule in the book.  Both Aspen and the phytoplankton were creatures of the future: representing hope, survival and innovation in a dying world.  At a time when the complete failure of male-dominated society to build viable civilizations had finally become abundantly clear, Aspen brought a unique gender-neutral perspective: she was the only one who could understand the dire predicament of our testosterone-built civilization, while at the same time tap into the benevolent female wisdom of the betrayed Mother Earth.  Aspen was neither male or female.  She was the New Earth. 

It was an Earth that, for those who were brave enough to see it, had already changed dramatically over the past 20 years.  Vast areas had become uninhabitable since the Blue Ocean Event.  Others had disappeared under the new sea level.  Rivers had dried up completely in one place, reappearing in another.  Life for humans had become an indoors affair, as they constantly sheltered inside either from the heat or unprecedented storms and floods.  Those that couldn’t find shelter or food simply drowned or starved.  New residences were built to withstand the ever-so-frequent Category 6 hurricanes.  They tended to resemble bunkers rather than houses.  Humans had become even more isolated from Nature, like estranged relatives. 

But why wouldn’t they? They were effectively obsolete, as a lifeform.  They were an old version of humans not fit to live in this new world: Humans 1.0 living on Earth 2.0.  Ironically, they had become victims of their own capitalist economic system, where every product was constantly purposely “killed off” so that v2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc can be created and monetized.  Humans had made themselves obsolete by selling out.

from the upcoming novel A New Earth

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  1. Aspen and phytoplankton were creatures of the future- YES. Absolutely.

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