A New Earth – Tower of Babel

continued from previous David could hear the deep fakes malfunction out on the square.  The big screen where The Line was normally broadcasting the news was increasingly suffering more and more frequent episodes of some type of digital seizure: large areas of the screen freezing up into pixelated squares, often turning into static, sometimes the … Continue reading A New Earth – Tower of Babel

A New Earth – The Children

continued from previous Aspen had skipped Aberash’s sermon.  She was all the way down at the other end of the beach by herself, in a similar lagoon, surrounded by the same glow.  Holding her arms out, she placed them gently on the surface of the water, palms down.  The plankton began swimming towards her hands.  … Continue reading A New Earth – The Children

A New Earth – Prayer

(from the novel A New Earth) John looked at Aspen and Olivia’s merged silhouettes interrupt the vastness of his wall mural.  It was a reminder that whatever humans do or say, however they act or feel, they will always be submerged within this ball of chaos: of waves, flames and debris that only the EoT itself … Continue reading A New Earth – Prayer

A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches

continued from previous He heard a gentle knock, unsure whether it came from inside his daydream, or from the real world – until he sensed the familiar direction of the sound, recognizing the three, quick, consecutive knocks.  He walked over to the door in no rush at all, opening it to see Aspen and Olivia’s … Continue reading A New Earth – When Life Doesn’t Give You Peaches

A New Earth – Cursed

Continued from previous John’s eyes circled up and down Olivia’s blog entry, desperately searching for the meaning that language cannot express. It was there, in the white emptiness between the words. It lurked in the shadows that formed behind each letter, every time John’s eyes momentarily lost focus. The text was being etched like a … Continue reading A New Earth – Cursed

A New Earth – The One

continued from previous The bioluminescent plankton had begun to approach the city, riding on the northerly current.  It became visible first as a faint, thin bright line just below the evening horizon.  As it got closer, it broadened into a deep turquoise-blue ribbon that began to cast its glow into the sky above.  It was … Continue reading A New Earth – The One

A New Earth – The Gene

Continued from previous Aberash took a step back, surrendering the floor with a hand gesture.  Aspen walked in hesitantly, taking Aberash’s place at the center next to the faint light source. She looked into the audience for a few seconds, trying to make eye contact with some of the faces.  All she could see was … Continue reading A New Earth – The Gene

A New Earth – The Circle

Continued from previoushttps://tsakraklides.com/2021/07/31/a-new-earth-to-all-new-arrivals/ Olivia looked at her notifications.  Jonathan had just sent her a screenshot of a satellite image of the illuminated area of the ocean, and a text message: “on my way”.  Over at the Minimalists’ corner, the ritual celebration had turned into an impromptu leadership meeting in light of the new development in … Continue reading A New Earth – The Circle

A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

continued from previous Olivia was out on an evening stroll.  She begun to curiously walk towards the far end of the beach, where a medium-sized group of Minimalists had set up a permanent vigil for months now. Tonight, the atmosphere was different: re-energized by the latest reports of new variants arising across the globe, the … Continue reading A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

A New Earth – Tumbling and Sinking

continued from previous The crayon was getting smaller and smaller as John worked feverishly across the surface of the wall, following his inspiration in real time as it came up with waves, patterns and designs faster than his hand could jot down.  All he could do was trust his intuition, as he became a mere … Continue reading A New Earth – Tumbling and Sinking