A New Earth – Petunia

continued from previous Olivia waved from afar with one hand while resting her entire body on a big shovel.  The early morning heat had pretty much exhausted her already, but the satisfaction that came from this morning’s garden work had brought a wide smile to her face.  She had spent the past hour finally getting … Continue reading A New Earth – Petunia

A New Earth – New Beginning

continued from previous “That’s it.  No more funny dinners, I’m getting you out of here” Olivia said to John in a serious and determined tone. “I think even a rebel like you could use some time off the streets”.  She was joking of course.  John was more of a “laptop rebel”, like many writers and … Continue reading A New Earth – New Beginning

A New Earth – Black Sky

continued from previous To many outsiders, the Revelers were nothing but a self-destructive cult of escapists.    But who wouldn’t want to escape from a society that had failed?  Who wouldn’t want to reject an economic system that was based on planetcide and modern slavery?  The Revelers’ lifestyle was a healthy reaction to an unhealthy system.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Black Sky

A New Earth – Hurricane World

continued from previous “Are you sure?” – said Ben “It is one of our working hypotheses at the moment” said Olivia.  “It is possible that hurricanes and other storms, combined with tropical temperatures, act almost like a shaking incubator environment:  they increase gas exchange at the sea surface, therefore providing more CO2 for the phytoplankton … Continue reading A New Earth – Hurricane World

A New Earth – Sum of the Parts

continued from previous “Unbelievable.  It happened again!” – Jason yelled as he stared into the Excel chart on his screen.  He brought his face closer to the monitor, so close that he could almost see the individual pixels.  For a few seconds he became absorbed into the screen, as he tried to predict where the … Continue reading A New Earth – Sum of the Parts

A New Earth – The Car Wash

continued from previous Strong lashings of rain mixed with brown ocean water were already battering John’s building when he started duct taping the window.  It was a similar mix of sounds to those in a drive-through car wash:  soothing at first, when the gentle sprinklers are on and you watch your windshield transform into a … Continue reading A New Earth – The Car Wash

A New Earth – The Oracle

continued from previous Of course, John wasn’t the only one who knew that the natural world was accelerating towards a new order.  Artificial Intelligence programs, originally designed with the purpose of forecasting investment performance, had self-learned to the point where they could predict almost anything, about anyone.  It wasn’t until their various predictive analytics functions … Continue reading A New Earth – The Oracle

A New Earth – Deconstruction

continued from previous “You mean that we’ve crossed the tipping point and into ecosystem self-destruction?” Olivia asked.  Her look was one of astonishment and concern. “In order to create, first you must destroy” John said.  “Earth is trying to rebuild the food chain from scratch, while there’s still time, and resources.  She’s started at the … Continue reading A New Earth – Deconstruction