A New Earth – Deconstruction

continued from previous “You mean that we’ve crossed the tipping point and into ecosystem self-destruction?” Olivia asked.  Her look was one of astonishment and concern. “In order to create, first you must destroy” John said.  “Earth is trying to rebuild the food chain from scratch, while there’s still time, and resources.  She’s started at the … Continue reading A New Earth – Deconstruction

A New Earth – Revolving Doors

continued from previous Olivia stepped off the podium as a lightning storm of flash photography suddenly erupted.  The rest of her team helped her escape the room, as reporters fired questions over each other like stockbrokers on a bidding frenzy. “Are you crazy?  said Michael. “We’re going to lose our research grant”.   “I don’t … Continue reading A New Earth – Revolving Doors

A New Earth – War of the Plagues

continued from previous No one was touching the sandwiches at the UN Security Council meeting.  Putrid air was coming in uninvited through the windows, which needed to be kept open due to the sweltering heat radiating out of New York City’s concrete nuclear furnace.   Last year’s International Treaty on Carbon Footprints had meant that air … Continue reading A New Earth – War of the Plagues

A New Earth – Judgement Day

continued from previous John heard a knock on his door, knowing that it was probably Aspen.  One downside of his Minimalist lifestyle was that his social life had shrunk dramatically, emulating the rest of his routine:  always aiming for simplicity, modest frugality, making sure to leave plenty of space, and time, for contemplation.  Like his … Continue reading A New Earth – Judgement Day

A New Earth – Chimera

(continued from previous) “Holy Shit” said Olivia “What?” Michael replied with a slightly disturbed tone. We was trying to concentrate on pipetting nanograms of DNA into a two-dimensional array. “I put some of these samples in the dark room last night on a mixed food source medium, as a control.  They’ve grown almost as much … Continue reading A New Earth – Chimera

A New Earth – Chinese Whispers

..continued from previous He switched off the news and turned on the coffee machine – an old model from 15 years ago that still worked, having somehow escaped the manufacturer’s obsolescence curse.  The water began percolating, echoing against the walls and the ceiling of the scantily furnished studio flat.  John would sometimes daydream while staring … Continue reading A New Earth – Chinese Whispers

A New Earth – War

(continued from previous) And while humans like Olivia and Michael debated through the night whether Earth was intelligent or not, for Earth itself, a different kind of debate had long ago been concluded:  whether humans are a threat to all life, or not.  The evidence had been overwhelming:  The EoT, the planet’s nervous system, had … Continue reading A New Earth – War