The Fraud of Satan Claus

Santa is a great salesman.  He is a public relations spokesman for capitalism, and the first politician and influencer that human children are exposed to when they grow up.  This is the critical age when all children learn the very important message: “only through presents and products can a human being ever be truly happy”.  … Continue reading The Fraud of Satan Claus

The Plague of Consumption

“And on the 8th day of creation, humans took over from God and created capitalism.  And capitalism took over from humans and looked down at them and said: “you are mine now”.  And humans looked down at their wallets, and they were full of money.  And they bought everything they could buy, and killed everything … Continue reading The Plague of Consumption

The Mutant Variant That Took Over The Planet

Centuries ago, a mutated form of humans came into existence. It was so transmissible and infectious that it multiplied uncontrollably, and quickly established itself all over the world. Its origin was the tiny region of Europe. Although small, the mutant nations of England, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium and others, possessed a number of mutations in … Continue reading The Mutant Variant That Took Over The Planet

The Revolution is Coming

Join In - Or Get Out of the Way My fellow comrades-to-be. My fellow humans. My fellow victims of the pandemic. Economic casualties. Black and Brown people fed-up with the predatory White system. Climate refugees. And those of you who cannot speak, those of you who cannot hear me, or even read my words: the … Continue reading The Revolution is Coming

Stop the Humans

Reality is under attack. Humans are creating a Voodoo Doll of Earth When I was a child I had a book about flowers that my parents had given me as a present. It was essentially a guide for identifying wildflowers across Greece: fully illustrated, with real images of rare flowers in their natural settings, which various … Continue reading Stop the Humans