The Fraud of Satan Claus

Santa is a great salesman.  He is a public relations spokesman for capitalism, and the first politician and influencer that human children are exposed to when they grow up.  This is the critical age when all children learn the very important message: “only through presents and products can a human being ever be truly happy”.  … Continue reading The Fraud of Satan Claus

The Dead End of Exponential Growth

Humanity is the weed in the garden that grew stronger, faster, taller than all the other plants, leaving no room for competition. It is the magic bean stalk that climbed so high, it lost touch with the ground.  Unable to feel its own roots, unreacheable by the bees, it is the poison weed that no … Continue reading The Dead End of Exponential Growth

The Suez Canal is having a stroke. But who will unblock our sewer of greed?

It is a river like no other.  Traversing the Earth in a straight line, it has no time for twists and turns, no desire to smell the roses along the way.  It only cares about transporting its sad, silent load: not fish, not humans, not even water.  It is a river of electronics, clothing and every other gadget … Continue reading The Suez Canal is having a stroke. But who will unblock our sewer of greed?

The Remortgaging of Earth

(from Pocket Philosophy for End Times: A Lexicon of Dystopia) Green Growth: an oxymoron. A ploy by investors and the renewable energy industrial complex who promise to create jobs while cutting down emissions, when in reality aiming to make those investors rich, create more consumers who will pay for the investment, and hope that somehow, … Continue reading The Remortgaging of Earth

Collapse means Collapse.

Are we technically extinct? A species becomes extinct when population numbers become too low for a sizeable genetic pool of remaining individuals to sustain and propagate a healthy population. Although healthy individuals of the species may still exist, they are like pages of a book that was impulsively thrown into a bonfire, then hastily salvaged … Continue reading Collapse means Collapse.

The Anthropocene Death Cult

Last time I checked, the word Anthropocene was still not recognized by the spelling thesaurus, although we’ve been living in it for many decades now. A mash of the Greek “anthropos” (human) and the Latinized Greek “kainos” (new), the word, very narcissistically, is meant to read as “the time of humans”, to denote the fact … Continue reading The Anthropocene Death Cult