A New Earth – The Awakening

continued from previous David stood in the middle of the square, allowing himself to process the new landscape around him: anywhere he cast his eyes, it was chaos.  It was destruction.  It was a visual mess, a battle between green and brown - as if an angry Jackson Pollock had selected just two colors and … Continue reading A New Earth – The Awakening

A New Earth – The Gene

Continued from previous Aberash took a step back, surrendering the floor with a hand gesture. Aspen walked in hesitantly, taking Aberash’s place at the centre next to the light source. She looked into the audience for a few seconds, trying to make eye contact with some of the faces. All she could see was eyeballs … Continue reading A New Earth – The Gene

A New Earth – The Circle

Continued from previoushttps://tsakraklides.com/2021/07/31/a-new-earth-to-all-new-arrivals/ Olivia looked at her notifications. Jonathan had just sent her a screenshot of a satellite image of the illuminated area of the Atlantic ocean, and a message: “on my way”. Over at the Minimalists’ corner, the ritual celebration had turned into a leadership meeting. Heading it was a woman in her early … Continue reading A New Earth – The Circle

A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

continued from previous Olivia begun to curiously walk towards the far end of the beach, where a medium-sized group of Minimalists had set up a permanent vigil for months now. Tonight the atmosphere was different: re-energized by the latest reports of new variants arising across the globe, the Minimalists had decided to have a celebration … Continue reading A New Earth – To All New Arrivals

A New Earth – Reunion

continued from previous Down by the water, bodies were still littering the beach every so often.  What was left of local government would occasionally pick them up at various points during the day, but new corpses would magically appear overnight in unexpected places.  They were brought in by the sea, sometimes from far away.  They … Continue reading A New Earth – Reunion

A New Earth – Illuminated to Death

continued from previous The word “observations” echoed in John’s head for a few elongated seconds.  He was having another daydream, as flashbacks of his days cruising the busy hallways of the Marine Institute projected out from his memory .  “Observation” can be such a cold, scientific word.  It brings to mind scientists in protective eye … Continue reading A New Earth – Illuminated to Death

Stop the Humans

Reality is under attack. Humans are creating a Voodoo Doll of Earth When I was a child I had a book about flowers that my parents had given me as a present. It was essentially a guide for identifying wildflowers across Greece: fully illustrated, with real images of rare flowers in their natural settings, which various … Continue reading Stop the Humans

Collapse means Collapse.

Are we technically extinct? A species becomes extinct when population numbers become so low that the size of the genetic pool of the few remaining individuals is too small to sustain and propagate a healthy population. Although healthy individuals of the species may still exist, they are like pages of a book that was impulsively … Continue reading Collapse means Collapse.