A New Earth – Connected (2)

continued from previous Jason hanged his head between his hands in desperation.  He was rubbing his eyes and face, exhausted from 11 consecutive hours of staring into the same screen.  Every climate model that the AI platform had been exploring had failed to predict what the planet was going to do next.  The data tools … Continue reading A New Earth – Connected (2)

A New Earth – Connected

continued from previous “We need to register as many blood sample volunteers as we can before the grid comes back up” John said, holding a clipboard with a sheet where the first 5 lines were already filled up. Olivia nodded back, adding “We don’t even know if the phenomenon is related to the Apocalypse Locus. … Continue reading A New Earth – Connected

A New Earth – The Abyss

continued from previous David felt a passing chill of loneliness choke him as he looked down from the dizzying heights of his balcony, and into the darkening concrete abyss where the jasmine flower had disappeared.  On the 43rd floor, you have stopped counting floors long ago.  You’re trapped: far enough from the ground to feel … Continue reading A New Earth – The Abyss

A New Earth – The Children

continued from previous Aspen had skipped Aberash’s sermon.  She was all the way down at the other end of the beach by herself, in a similar lagoon, surrounded by the same glow.  Holding her arms out, she placed them gently on the surface of the water, palms down.  The plankton began swimming towards her hands.  … Continue reading A New Earth – The Children

A New Earth – Discovery

continued from previous Olivia had decided to work from home today, having already picked up most of her personal belongings from the lab last night.  She knew that any minute now, a dreaded e-mail from the University might pop up in her inbox - either announcing her immediate dismissal or summoning her to an investigation … Continue reading A New Earth – Discovery

A New Earth – The Awakening

continued from previous David stood in the middle of the square, allowing himself to process the new landscape around him: anywhere he cast his eyes, it was chaos.  It was destruction.  It was a visual mess, a battle between green and brown - as if an angry Jackson Pollock had selected just two colors and … Continue reading A New Earth – The Awakening

A New Earth – Terraforming

continued from previous Jonathan began to cut speed as the boat entered the outer boundaries of the new mutant zone.  This was an area in the ocean he knew well by now.  But it had changed dramatically almost overnight.  The ocean was slowly but steadily glowing brighter and brighter against the fading sunset, as he … Continue reading A New Earth – Terraforming

A New Earth – The Gene

Continued from previous Aberash took a step back, surrendering the floor with a hand gesture. Aspen walked in hesitantly, taking Aberash’s place at the centre next to the light source. She looked into the audience for a few seconds, trying to make eye contact with some of the faces. All she could see was eyeballs … Continue reading A New Earth – The Gene