NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Unhappiness Machine

It is with incredible pride and apocalyptic joy that I announce the official detonation of “The Unhappiness Machine” today. Please Read, Review, Retweet, Repeat. God bless Capitalism. (from the Preface:) Why is humanity unable to put the brakes on its self-destruction? While much of the world still debates the credibility of such a question, just … Continue reading NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Unhappiness Machine

The Fraud of Satan Claus

Santa is a great salesman.  He is a public relations spokesman for capitalism, and the first politician and influencer that human children are exposed to when they grow up.  This is the critical age when all children learn the very important message: “only through presents and products can a human being ever be truly happy”.  … Continue reading The Fraud of Satan Claus

The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

The invention of the concept of entitlement is yet another example of the futile attempts of our species to rewrite nature’s laws.  By proclaiming ourselves “entitled” to resources like food and water, we have sought to convince ourselves that we actually “own” these resources, in unlimited quantities. Ownership, and the many entitlements that we have … Continue reading The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

Catastrophe Ballet

There was a time when many people believed that Governments were the ultimate safety net.  Many of us, including myself, believed that, despite all their faults and inefficiencies, governments, at least the so-called “democratic” ones, were better than no government at all.  We believed that the government was a place where big, important, and intelligent … Continue reading Catastrophe Ballet

The Dead End of Exponential Growth

Humanity is the weed in the garden that grew stronger, faster, taller than all the other plants, leaving no room for competition. It is the magic bean stalk that climbed so high, it lost touch with the ground.  Unable to feel its own roots, unreacheable by the bees, it is the poison weed that no … Continue reading The Dead End of Exponential Growth

The Entertainment Death Trap

Entertainment is the experience of watching or attending an event, whether real or not, current or past, and relishing the fact that you can be “present” from a safe distance.  The one being entertained usually has an intense curiosity about the subject matter: they want to get as close as they can to “the scene”, … Continue reading The Entertainment Death Trap

The Paradox of Innovation

Never before in its history has humanity built a civilization that had at its disposal so many different technologies to accurately monitor, measure and predict its own impending collapse - yet has been so incapable to do anything about it.  Civilizations always experience sudden, breakneck-speed growth when they encounter innovation.  Fire, metalworking, intensive agriculture, electricity, … Continue reading The Paradox of Innovation

The Curse of the Self-Destructive Predator

Every ecosystem takes steps to curb species that over-proliferate.  Those with long arms who continuously eat more than their fair share are always brought to justice and pay a hefty population price.   As the population of the species explodes, alarms go off.  The ecosystem senses a bottleneck in the food chain, an expanding bulge, like … Continue reading The Curse of the Self-Destructive Predator

The Arrogance of Empire

A spark, a hiccup. That’s all that humanity ever was on the planet’s geological timescale. A brilliant colorful flicker, a burnt fuse, then time carries on. As they grow and expand, all civilizations are easily deceived by their own momentum.  After reaching a certain size, they become arrogant enough to call themselves “empires”.  A web … Continue reading The Arrogance of Empire

The Lie of Clean Energy

While nature gradually goes dark during the winter months, and plants and animals decrease their metabolic activity almost down to zero, there is one species that represents a bizarre aberration to the planet’s seasonal metabolic patterns.  Humans continue to consume throughout the winter, their energy use increasing while most other species go into hibernation. Dependent … Continue reading The Lie of Clean Energy