Our Game-Ending Love Affair With Technology

Despite their momentum and efficiency, civilizations have always been incredibly naïve when it came to envisioning their future.  There was always good food for thought, and plenty of incentive to plan for the immediate next day.  However, when it came to tackling the bigger long-term questions, it was as if the future didn’t even exist.  … Continue reading Our Game-Ending Love Affair With Technology

The Never, Never, Neverland of Degrowth

Those following the most mature conversations on the subject know that, if there was ever any chance of keeping this planet habitable, it would be not through solar panels and EVs.  It would be through a major downsizing of our entire civilization in order to reduce its impacts not only on emissions, but on all … Continue reading The Never, Never, Neverland of Degrowth

In The Grip of Necrocapitalism

Evolution has come a long way, perhaps longer than we thought or at least taught in university.  We would like to believe that we, humans, represent the forefront of evolution on Earth.  But arguably there are other forms of existence here on this planet which supersede us, including some which precede us.  One of the … Continue reading In The Grip of Necrocapitalism

We Were Never In Control

Contrary to what humanity’s impressive technological milestones and achievements may suggest, the surprising truth is that we have never been in charge of what happens to us.  As a biological organism aiming to maximize its chances of survival, all of our accomplishments and decisions were blindly driven with this primary survival objective in mind: economic … Continue reading We Were Never In Control

The Need For Human-Free Zones

In the words of David Attenborough, “humans have overrun the planet”.  We are the most invasive species this planet has ever known.  The study of ecology and ecosystem balance is an embarrassing oxymoron, coming from a species that has broken every possible rule in the ecosystem book. A species which has redefined, expanded and exceeded the definition … Continue reading The Need For Human-Free Zones