Happy End of The World

There is something cathartic about failure.  About reaching rock bottom, just like a drug addict who realizes that they can’t possibly fall any lower.  Having reached the end of the line, there is nothing for them to look forward to anymore, or to worry about, for that matter.  A bizarre sense of calm and optimism suddenly prevails.  Not because … Continue reading Happy End of The World

Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult

The Latin roots of the word consumption give away some fairly revealing hints as to how our consumer-based civilization had, since its very early stages, already began its transformation into a planet-cidal death cult. Con(altogether) and Sumere(take-up) basically means complete and total exhaustion of a resource.  This is how humans, as recent as the last millennium, perceived in … Continue reading Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult


The phenomenon that came to prominence as a result of a widespread affliction of the Humanity species by a type of paranoia that euphemistically came to be known as “ownership”.  The first humans afflicted by ownership presented with symptoms of extreme insecurity, leading to feelings of competition towards other humans, the drawing of borders, founding of … Continue reading Trade

The Waken Has Launched. Time to Wake Up.

Today a new collaboration has sprung from the ashes of the pandemic: one between an author, and a video artist. Want to find out what we've been up to? Here's our first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1SsuGOgAwo We are The Waken: a window into our nightmare. We are trying to turn the window into an escape route. We … Continue reading The Waken Has Launched. Time to Wake Up.


An extremely durable exoskeleton that a mutated form of the Humanity species developed. Due to the significant survival advantages that this exoskeleton initially imparted, the mutant was able to quickly expand across the world, colonising new habitats, replacing wild-type humans and threatening the existence of many other life forms. Eventually humanity became trapped inside its … Continue reading Car

Hormonal Karma: Sperm counts are nose-diving for the most populous animal on Earth

(FINE PRINT) 100 other species are going extinct daily As much as we consider Nature non-sentient, it definitely has its thinking hat on at the moment: it is beginning to tackle climate change before humans can even begin to acknowledge it.  It is doing this by trying to curb human population, the number one aggravator of … Continue reading Hormonal Karma: Sperm counts are nose-diving for the most populous animal on Earth


A brief time in Planet Earth’s history that was characterized by the domination of all habitats and corners of the planet by a single species.  The resulting overgrowth, or civilization, brought about major changes to the planet’s oceans, landmasses and atmosphere, and was responsible for a major extinction event.  For reasons not completely understood, the Humanity species … Continue reading Humanity