NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Unhappiness Machine

It is with incredible pride and apocalyptic joy that I announce the official detonation of “The Unhappiness Machine” today. Please Read, Review, Retweet, Repeat. God bless Capitalism. (from the Preface:) Why is humanity unable to put the brakes on its self-destruction? While much of the world still debates the credibility of such a question, just … Continue reading NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Unhappiness Machine

The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

The invention of the concept of entitlement is yet another example of the futile attempts of our species to rewrite nature’s laws.  By proclaiming ourselves “entitled” to resources like food and water, we have sought to convince ourselves that we actually “own” these resources, in unlimited quantities. Ownership, and the many entitlements that we have … Continue reading The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

To Believe

(from the Untitled new novel) With unwavering tenacity and determination, the seeds continued to push with whatever strength they had against the infinite, pitch-black darkness of the heavy, moisture-laden soil up above.  While their persistence and courage were admirable, the truth was that none of them had even the faintest idea of where exactly they … Continue reading To Believe

A New Earth – The Circle

Continued from previous Olivia looked at her notifications.  Jonathan had just sent her a screenshot of a satellite image of the illuminated area of the ocean, and a text message: “on my way”.  Over at the Minimalists’ corner, the ritual celebration had turned into an impromptu leadership meeting in light of the new development in … Continue reading A New Earth – The Circle

Hormonal Karma: Sperm counts are nose-diving for the most populous animal on Earth

(FINE PRINT) 100 other species are going extinct daily As much as we consider Nature non-sentient, it definitely has its thinking hat on at the moment: it is beginning to tackle climate change before humans can even begin to acknowledge it.  It is doing this by trying to curb human population, the number one aggravator of … Continue reading Hormonal Karma: Sperm counts are nose-diving for the most populous animal on Earth

Our Self-Destruction Gene

Nature is full of exponential phenomena, and population growth is the prime example. Given optimal resources, any species will multiply exponentially before becoming limited by the availability of these resources, or by a predator. As a molecular biologist and microbiologist I spent six years of my life growing bacteria and other organisms, in order to … Continue reading Our Self-Destruction Gene

About my new book, Photographic Heart

Our memory originally evolved as a survival tool. In its most biological definition, you may say that our memory has merely been there to help us learn from our past, so that we can recognize danger and avoid it in the future. Almost all species have some level of memory installed, for this purpose. But at … Continue reading About my new book, Photographic Heart