Are Humans Sentient Beings?

Sentience is defined as “being able to perceive or feel things”.  However, the word sentience nowadays seems to be used exclusively in the context of comparing humans to AIs, or humans to other animals.  We are hellbent on convincing ourselves that we are the sole being in the known universe who can “feel” or “perceive”, … Continue reading Are Humans Sentient Beings?

Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

There was a time when humans were foragers.  There were no supermarkets, not even any agricultural plantations.  People collected food by seeing what’s available around them:  some fruit, nuts, animals and fish they could kill.  It has been argued that this lifestyle inflicted little damage to the land and to animal populations, allowing the ecosystem … Continue reading Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

The Myth of The Inevitable

Self-destruction usually lurks like a chronic disease: fully detectable, yet benign enough to continue its slow advance without raising the alarm.  Like lung cancer, its power lies not in its intensity, but in its longevity.  Self-destruction follows a lazy, incremental progression, gradually building its crescendo under the cover of night.  It advances slow enough to … Continue reading The Myth of The Inevitable

The Age of Climate Entertainment

Entertainment: usually the experience of watching or attending an event, whether it is real or not, whether it is happening right now or took place in the past and relishing the fact that you can watch it from a safe distance.  The one being entertained usually has an intense curiosity about the subject matter they … Continue reading The Age of Climate Entertainment

Die Hope, Die

No human civilization on Earth has ever consciously, successfully limited its total negative impact on the planet’s species and resources.  Never, ever in our history has our impact on the planet diminished, except perhaps during times that were out of our control or conscious intention: plagues, wars and similar events which resulted in either a … Continue reading Die Hope, Die

Out Of Business

Nature used to be an all-you-can-eat buffet, with inexhaustible resources available to every species on the planet.  The food cycle constantly regenerated with each rotation around the sun, much like sushi on a rotating conveyor belt.  Humans and all the other species enjoyed this free buffet of nature for thousands of years, sometimes eating each … Continue reading Out Of Business

Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

This planet has suffered long enough under humans, so much so that I think it deserves to finally have "a fit". To go crazy. Just literally nuts, bonkers, off the wall insane. Hasn't it waited its turn long enough? For thousands of years humans did whatever they wanted: killing, destroying, pushing ecosystems to the brink. … Continue reading Let Earth Have Her Tantrum