Our Game-Ending Love Affair With Technology

Despite their momentum and efficiency, civilizations have always been incredibly naïve when it came to envisioning their future.  There was always good food for thought, and plenty of incentive to plan for the immediate next day.  However, when it came to tackling the bigger long-term questions, it was as if the future didn’t even exist.  … Continue reading Our Game-Ending Love Affair With Technology

The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

The invention of the concept of entitlement is yet another example of the futile attempts of our species to rewrite nature’s laws.  By proclaiming ourselves “entitled” to resources like food and water, we have sought to convince ourselves that we actually “own” these resources, in unlimited quantities. Ownership, and the many entitlements that we have … Continue reading The Fascism of the Human Supremacy Bubble

The Dead End of Exponential Growth

Humanity is the weed in the garden that grew stronger, faster, taller than all the other plants, leaving no room for competition. It is the magic bean stalk that climbed so high, it lost touch with the ground.  Unable to feel its own roots, unreacheable by the bees, it is the poison weed that no … Continue reading The Dead End of Exponential Growth

The Paradox of Innovation

Never before in its history has humanity built a civilization that had at its disposal so many different technologies to accurately monitor, measure and predict its own impending collapse - yet has been so incapable to do anything about it.  Civilizations always experience sudden, breakneck-speed growth when they encounter innovation.  Fire, metalworking, intensive agriculture, electricity, … Continue reading The Paradox of Innovation

The Arrogance of Empire

A spark, a hiccup. That’s all that humanity ever was on the planet’s geological timescale. A brilliant colorful flicker, a burnt fuse, then time carries on. As they grow and expand, all civilizations are easily deceived by their own momentum.  After reaching a certain size, they become arrogant enough to call themselves “empires”.  A web … Continue reading The Arrogance of Empire

The Absurdity of Human Sentience

Although “sentience” is defined as “being able to perceive or feel things”, nowadays the term seems to be used exclusively in the context of comparing humans to animals, or to artificial intelligence applications.  There is a desperate effort to prove, once and for all, that humans are the only species, or machine for that matter, … Continue reading The Absurdity of Human Sentience

The Myth of a Sustainable Humanity

There was a time when humans were foragers.  There were no supermarkets, not even agriculture – in other words, there was no “food production system” as such.  The system was Earth itself, and it was the level of food supply that moderated demand, which in turn, controlled population (and this further limitted demand).  As long … Continue reading The Myth of a Sustainable Humanity

The Illusion of Hope

No human civilization has ever consciously, successfully limited its net negative impact on the planet’s species and resources.  Never, ever in our history, has our impact on the planet diminished, except perhaps during events out of our control or conscious intention: plagues, wars and similar situations which resulted in either a big economic recession or … Continue reading The Illusion of Hope

A New Earth – Made out of Chaos

continued from previous “In fact, this wouldn’t surprise me at all.  It would perhaps be the missing perspective in our understanding of life, and the way that our genetic code was put together in a disordered, yet purposeful way.  All of this time science has been focusing on the sequences within our DNA that have … Continue reading A New Earth – Made out of Chaos