The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

Human civilisation is a criminal entity. Can we change that? It should not be a surprise to anyone why COP26, and all the other COPs for that matter, will ALWAYS fail, down to the very last COP that humans will ever have. Sorry to depress you. Do not be fooled by the passionate, emotional speeches … Continue reading The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

A New Earth – Prayer

(from the novel A New Earth) John looked at Aspen and Olivia’s merged silhouettes interrupt the vastness of his wall mural.  It was a reminder that whatever humans do or say, however they act or feel, they will always be submerged within this ball of chaos: of waves, flames and debris that only the EoT itself … Continue reading A New Earth – Prayer

A New Earth – Discovery

continued from previous Olivia had decided to work from home today, having already picked up most of her personal belongings from the lab last night.  She knew that any minute now, a dreaded e-mail from the University might pop up in her inbox - either announcing her immediate dismissal or summoning her to an investigation … Continue reading A New Earth – Discovery

A New Earth – The Awakening

continued from previous David stood in the middle of the square, allowing his eyes to slowly process the new landscape that had formed around him: anywhere he cast his gaze, it was chaos and carnage.  It was a disheartening picture to see everything dismembered and scattered around the place.  It looked like an abstract painting … Continue reading A New Earth – The Awakening

A New Earth – I am Everything

continued from previous “OK.  So I think this was enough gardening for today”, Olivia said.  “Let me take David home and I’ll see you guys later.” They parted ways, each of them taking home one of Aspen’s delicious salads and heading towards air-conditioning.  Aspen hadn’t told John her secret yet:  that she had known where … Continue reading A New Earth – I am Everything

A New Earth – Night (2)

continued from previous “What if the dawn never arrives?” – John thought to himself as he sat in the twilight, 13 floors above the mimosas, right at the center of the three-seater couch that the previous tenants had abandoned in a hurry.  It was a fear that he had since he was a child, every … Continue reading A New Earth – Night (2)

A New Earth – Divorce

continued from previous It is ironic how the search for perfection and order can be such a destructive force.  Those who look for perfection will often end up achieving exactly the opposite: creating chaos.  They will destroy everything, with the rationale that it wasn’t perfect.  It needed to be rebuilt from scratch, bigger and better.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Divorce

A New Earth – Made out of Chaos

continued from previous “In fact, this wouldn’t surprise me at all.  It would perhaps be the missing perspective in our understanding of life, and the way that our genetic code was put together in a disordered, yet purposeful way.  All of this time science has been focusing on the sequences within our DNA that have … Continue reading A New Earth – Made out of Chaos

A New Earth – Disaster Gene

continued from previous She closed the notebook shut with a single, slow but decisive hand movement.  She kept on staring at it for a few seconds, almost in a comatose state, as she tried to wake up from her daydream.  How could it be that the entire world was sitting inside a notebook, in a … Continue reading A New Earth – Disaster Gene