A New Earth – I am Everything

continued from previous “OK.  So I think this was enough gardening for today”, Olivia said.  “Let me take David home and I’ll see you guys later.” They parted ways, each of them taking home one of Aspen’s delicious salads and heading towards air-conditioning.  Aspen hadn’t told John her secret yet:  that she had known where … Continue reading A New Earth – I am Everything

A New Earth – Night (2)

continued from previous “What if the dawn never arrives?” – John thought to himself as he sat in the twilight, 13 floors above the mimosas, right at the center of the three-seater couch that the previous tenants had abandoned in a hurry.  It was a fear that he had since he was a child, every … Continue reading A New Earth – Night (2)

A New Earth – Divorce

continued from previous It is ironic how the search for perfection and order can be such a destructive force.  Those who look for perfection will often end up achieving exactly the opposite: creating chaos.  They will destroy everything, with the rationale that it wasn’t perfect.  It needed to be rebuilt from scratch, bigger and better.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Divorce

A New Earth – Made out of Chaos

continued from previous “In fact, this wouldn’t surprise me at all.  It would perhaps be the missing perspective in our understanding of life, and the way that our genetic code was put together in a disordered, yet purposeful way.  All of this time science has been focusing on the sequences within our DNA that have … Continue reading A New Earth – Made out of Chaos

A New Earth – Disaster Gene

continued from previous She closed the notebook shut with a single, slow but decisive hand movement.  She kept on staring at it for a few seconds, almost in a comatose state, as she tried to wake up from her daydream.  How could it be that the entire world was sitting inside a notebook, in a … Continue reading A New Earth – Disaster Gene

A New Earth – Green Snow

(continued from previous) As the sun began to set over a lonely, defeated Atlantic Ocean, the endless phytoplankton carpet slowly began to glow: first in orange, then in pink and deep purple hues.  Could this be the Earth of the future?  Could this become permanent?  The wilted phytoplankton was now entering a spectacular death spiral.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Green Snow

Happy End of The World

There is something cathartic about failure.  About reaching rock bottom, just like a drug addict who realizes that they can’t possibly fall any lower.  Having reached the end of the line, there is nothing for them to look forward to anymore, or to worry about, for that matter.  A bizarre sense of calm and optimism suddenly prevails.  Not because … Continue reading Happy End of The World

Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult

The Latin roots of the word consumption give away some fairly revealing hints as to how our consumer-based civilization had, since its very early stages, already began its transformation into a planet-cidal death cult. Con(altogether) and Sumere(take-up) basically means complete and total exhaustion of a resource.  This is how humans, as recent as the last millennium, perceived in … Continue reading Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult


The phenomenon that came to prominence as a result of a widespread affliction of the Humanity species by a type of paranoia that euphemistically came to be known as “ownership”.  The first humans afflicted by ownership presented with symptoms of extreme insecurity, leading to feelings of competition towards other humans, the drawing of borders, founding of … Continue reading Trade