The transfer of resources and funds from Earth’s Economy into the Human Economy, until the former is depleted and the latter, parasitic one, dies as a result. Profit, the one and only goal of capitalism, is dependent on racism, natural destruction, inequality and exploitation. Capitalism is therefore an oxymoron, because it relies on its eventual demise for its current propagation. Earth needs to be run as a charity, not as a business. The former takes good care of all of its shareholders (plants, animals, humans, the climate system) so that they can be healthy and continue to contribute to “the business”. The latter, burns them out and turns out a large profit very fast, but soon runs out of both resources and people, just as energy expenses and number of mouths to feed are going through the roof. Profit is the child of exponential growth. Exponentiality makes no sense on a finite planet, with finite resources.

3 thoughts on “Profit

  1. As long as there are ultra-conservatives, Capitalism will always be there. At this point, we need to lessen it as best as possible.

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