Only when the night returns,

does it become apparent:

The light, was only a brief interruption,

in an otherwise infinite blackness.

For we are nothing but passengers,

sheltering on a creaking ship.

Surrounded by an endless charcoal desert,

we turn our backs to the blackness,

and face each other.

Navigated by each others’ blindness,

we look to faint stars sown into black velvet,

as we ration our hope,

and we wait, for time

to take its revenge.

George is an author, researcher, podcaster, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, join his mailing list, or enjoy his books

4 thoughts on “Night

  1. Yes. And yet, there is a dawn even after the darkest night. We are going through a rite of passage, and even though we cannot be guaranteed that we make it, hope cannot be extinguished. How brave and strong you are, George, to expose your aching heart to tough ( literary) criticism, especially on a daily basis, to share and to nourish us.

  2. Marvellous George! Like a child being offered a tasty treat – I sighed with anticipation on seeing that you had posted again. Such bliss, depth, knowing and an absolute privilege to read. In return may I wish you sweet and peaceful dreams 🙂

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