NEW BOOK RELEASE – The Unhappiness Machine

It is with incredible pride and apocalyptic joy that I announce the official detonation of “The Unhappiness Machine” today. Please Read, Review, Retweet, Repeat. God bless Capitalism.

(from the Preface:)

Why is humanity unable to put the brakes on its self-destruction? While much of the world still debates the credibility of such a question, just as the planet’s climate and biosphere enter the worst-case scenario of accelerated and irreversible decline, this book takes a no-time-to-waste, unforgiving and brutally pragmatic view. In order to do this, one must achieve escape velocity from the narcissism and speciesism that form the foundation of the “human supremacy bubble” which tints much of human thought. If the author has done anything right, then hopefully much, if not all, of the content here will be listed under hopeless doomism, misanthropy and eco-fascism by those who have been indoctrinated in the bubble. These same individuals are more likely than others to also mistake the book’s candid introspection into human history and the human condition as personal insults. This reaction is to be expected.

The space outside of the bubble is cold, dark and lonely, and those who venture outside are already fully aware that they are not there to make friends. They are there to seek truth, and this is often assisted through science, as it is the approach that is more likely than others to rely on facts and events, rather than the evangelical narratives that the bubble has created over the millennia. The essays in this book aim to completely shatter the human supremacy bubble in one, loud blow, by juxtaposing biology with politics, ecology with economics, and physics with ethics. Are you ready?

Bethesda, Maryland, Jan 2023

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