Are Humans Sentient Beings?

Sentience is defined as “being able to perceive or feel things”.  However, the word sentience nowadays seems to be used exclusively in the context of comparing humans to AIs, or humans to other animals.  We are hellbent on convincing ourselves that we are the sole being in the known universe who can “feel” or “perceive”, … Continue reading Are Humans Sentient Beings?

Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

There was a time when humans were foragers.  There were no supermarkets, not even any agricultural plantations.  People collected food by seeing what’s available around them:  some fruit, nuts, animals and fish they could kill.  It has been argued that this lifestyle inflicted little damage to the land and to animal populations, allowing the ecosystem … Continue reading Foraging Myths and Primitive Hippies

The Myth of The Inevitable

Self-destruction usually lurks like a chronic disease: fully detectable, yet benign enough to continue its slow advance without raising the alarm.  Like lung cancer, its power lies not in its intensity, but in its longevity.  Self-destruction follows a lazy, incremental progression, gradually building its crescendo under the cover of night.  It advances slow enough to … Continue reading The Myth of The Inevitable

Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

This planet has suffered long enough under humans, so much so that I think it deserves to finally have "a fit". To go crazy. Just literally nuts, bonkers, off the wall insane. Hasn't it waited its turn long enough? For thousands of years humans did whatever they wanted: killing, destroying, pushing ecosystems to the brink. … Continue reading Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

F&%K Money, Gimme A Future

The world is hostage to money. Consumers pay environmentally-destructive multinational companies so that they can have the latest gadget or fashion item. Workers pay taxes to corrupt governments that spend it on tanks, bribes and yachts. And democracies in Europe pay dearly their blood-thirsty dictator next-door to supply them with gas and oil. We are … Continue reading F&%K Money, Gimme A Future

Don’t Worry, We’ve Already Nuked The Planet

So here we are: more than 3 decades after the Cold War has ended, and it's back on the forefront thanks to direct nuclear threats from Russia's psychopathic dictator. The situation is worrying, because we are dealing with a typical megalomaniac who would rather see the entire world destroyed than submit to defeat. All they … Continue reading Don’t Worry, We’ve Already Nuked The Planet

Spoiled consumers across Europe protesting against capitalism-busting lockdowns

Protests have exploded across Europe in a violent reaction to new Covid-19 restrictions, as the continent enters yet another wave of the pandemic. Looking at the protesters' faces though, I can't help but see the face of capitalism in each and every one of us. I mean, sure I would love to be able to … Continue reading Spoiled consumers across Europe protesting against capitalism-busting lockdowns

Book Review for A New Earth – Literary Licence Podcast

Mr Tsakraklides' new novel gives us a clue on what could happen if Mother Nature decides to reclaim what is hers in this exciting eco-thriller. The New Earth is an interesting book and shows that Tsakraklides has talent when it comes to narrating descriptive passages which carry the reader into the near future with spark … Continue reading Book Review for A New Earth – Literary Licence Podcast

The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

Human civilisation is a criminal entity. Can we change that? It should not be a surprise to anyone why COP26, and all the other COPs for that matter, will ALWAYS fail, down to the very last COP that humans will ever have. Sorry to depress you. Do not be fooled by the passionate, emotional speeches … Continue reading The Planet vs. Business. Who Will Blink First?

What Would A Total Collapse Look Like?

Imagine if the world economy had suddenly fallen appart. Container ships would pile up at ports like driftwood in a clogged river. Factories would shut down in China and people would be sent home to watch cat videos on TikTok. Supermarkets would struggle to fill up shelves with items because moving food around the globe … Continue reading What Would A Total Collapse Look Like?