The Mutant Variant That Took Over The Planet

Centuries ago, a mutated form of humans came into existence. It was so transmissible and infectious that it multiplied uncontrollably, and quickly established itself all over the world. Its origin was the tiny region of Europe. Although small, the mutant nations of England, Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium and others, possessed a number of mutations in … Continue reading The Mutant Variant That Took Over The Planet

Are we Hostages to our Apocalypse Gene?

As a former molecular biologist and microbiologist, I happen to know a thing or two about numbers, evolution, and exponential phenomena. Nature is full of the latter. I spent three years of my life growing bacteria every day, in order to study their growth rates and survival mechanisms. I experimented with different conditions, including temperature … Continue reading Are we Hostages to our Apocalypse Gene?

The Revolution is Coming

Join In - Or Get Out of the Way My fellow comrades-to-be. My fellow humans. My fellow victims of the pandemic. Economic casualties. Black and Brown people fed-up with the predatory White system. Climate refugees. And those of you who cannot speak, those of you who cannot hear me, or even read my words: the … Continue reading The Revolution is Coming

About my new book, Photographic Heart

Our memory originally evolved as a survival tool. In its most biological definition, you may say that our memory has merely been there to help us learn from our past, so that we can recognize danger and avoid it in the future. Almost all species have some level of memory installed, for this purpose. But at … Continue reading About my new book, Photographic Heart

Bright Green Shopfronts

I've had the honour, on more than just a handful of occasions in my life, to be served interesting local variations of popular dishes in restaurants that I've visited: Vegetable Korma with naan bread and cockroach. Thai red curry and coconut rice with cockroach. Goat's cheese, organic honey and spiralized beetroot salad with live cockroach … Continue reading Bright Green Shopfronts

The Hypernormalisation of Sin

There is one thing that Christianity is right about, despite all the lies, manipulation, scaremongering, murder and propaganda. It is right about The Original Sin. It all started with an apple: the humblest, simplest, most benign of things. But soon the apple was replaced by a bar of gold. The bar of gold was replaced … Continue reading The Hypernormalisation of Sin