About my new book, Photographic Heart

Our memory originally evolved as a survival tool. In its most biological definition, you may say that our memory has merely been there to help us learn from our past, so that we can recognize danger and avoid it in the future. Almost all species have some level of memory installed, for this purpose. But at … Continue reading About my new book, Photographic Heart

Bright Green Shopfronts

I've had the honour, on more than just a handful of occasions in my life, to be served interesting local variations of popular dishes in restaurants that I've visited: Vegetable Korma with naan bread and cockroach. Thai red curry and coconut rice with cockroach. Goat's cheese, organic honey and spiralized beetroot salad with live cockroach … Continue reading Bright Green Shopfronts

The Hypernormalisation of Sin

There is one thing that Christianity is right about, despite all the lies, manipulation, scaremongering, murder and propaganda. It is right about The Original Sin. It all started with an apple: the humblest, simplest, most benign of things. But soon the apple was replaced by a bar of gold. The bar of gold was replaced … Continue reading The Hypernormalisation of Sin

The Quarantine is Finally Over

How long can this freedom last? For hundreds of years, humans have been putting Nature on quarantine: confining all other species into ever dwindling habitats, while keeping for themselves the best bits: taking over sensitive coastline ecosystems to enjoy watersports, building cities on rich, luscious river deltas and choking them with pollution and garbage, or cutting … Continue reading The Quarantine is Finally Over

Battle of the Curves

COVID-19 is a reminder of our place on Earth COVID-19 is nothing new or unusual. It is a natural phenomenon, which has been taking place again and again over millions of years. As we evolved, viruses evolved with us, and will continue to evolve into the future, in the same way that cybersecurity systems always try … Continue reading Battle of the Curves

Coronavirus is Earth’s Message

Are we willing to listen? Animals at the edge of extinction may not have Twitter accounts to tell humans of their plight. Acidified coral reefs may not have handsomely paid marketing gurus to craft impactful press releases about the ecological collapse that is silently taking place just a few meters under the water surface. Koalas may … Continue reading Coronavirus is Earth’s Message

Stop the Humans

Reality is under attack. Humans are creating a Voodoo Doll of Earth When I was a child I had a book about flowers that my parents had given me as a present. It was essentially a guide for identifying wildflowers across Greece: fully illustrated, with real images of rare flowers in their natural settings, which various … Continue reading Stop the Humans

Collapse means Collapse.

Are we technically extinct? A species becomes extinct when population numbers become so low that the size of the genetic pool of the few remaining individuals is too small to sustain and propagate a healthy population. Although healthy individuals of the species may still exist, they are like pages of a book that was impulsively … Continue reading Collapse means Collapse.

Humans are Jealous of Earth

Jealousy and Greed have always been closely related. But jealousy has a more mysterious, more elusive quality to it compared to its cousin. Whereas greed is ostentatious, and can almost be tangibly measured in the accumulation of physical wealth and resources, jealousy is hidden: it can be conniving, concealed behind fake motives, and very often … Continue reading Humans are Jealous of Earth