A New Earth – Petunia

He reached deep into one of the pockets in his jacket and took out the packet of Black Sky that one of the Revelers at the shelter had sneaked in as a goodbye present.  He held the tiny ziploc bag up to the faint light, looking at the transparent crystals inside.  Turning the bag sideways … Continue reading A New Earth – Petunia

A New Earth – Night

continued from previous Darkness had begun to sweep like a thick veil over John’s desolate neighborhood.  It must have been a relief for the mimosa trees that were surrounded by miles and miles of hot, burning concrete slabs on every direction.  Even for their African genetic makeup, the brutal heatwave was too much to handle.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Night

A New Earth – Why do I photograph things?

continued from previous He could see that the urban landscape was becoming rougher further down towards the port: this was the area where the main river of debris had come rushing down from the mountain at the peak of the hurricane, following the ancient creek that had been paved over in the past hundred years. … Continue reading A New Earth – Why do I photograph things?

A New Earth – The Square

continued from previous John looked out of his window and down into the destroyed botanical garden that used to take up most of the space in the square.  There was still broken glass lying everywhere, marking the silhouette of where the huge dome of the central conservatory used to stand.  Most of the debris had … Continue reading A New Earth – The Square