A New Earth – The Square

continued from previous John looked out of his window and down into the destroyed botanical garden that used to take up most of the space in the square.  There was still broken glass lying everywhere, marking the silhouette of where the huge dome of the central conservatory used to stand.  Most of the debris had … Continue reading A New Earth – The Square

A New Earth – Reunion

continued from previous Down by the water, bodies were still littering the beach every so often.  What was left of local government would occasionally pick them up at various points during the day, but new corpses would magically appear overnight in unexpected places.  They were brought in by the sea, sometimes from far away.  They … Continue reading A New Earth – Reunion

A New Earth – Illuminated to Death

continued from previous The word “observations” echoed in John’s head for a few elongated seconds.  He was having another daydream, as flashbacks of his days cruising the busy hallways of the Marine Institute projected out from his memory cache.  “Observation” can be such a cold, scientific word.  It brings to mind scientists in protective eye … Continue reading A New Earth – Illuminated to Death

A New Earth – New Beginning

continued from previous “That’s it.  No more funny dinners, I’m getting you out of here!” Olivia said to John in a serious and determined tone. “I think even a rebel like you could use some time off the streets”.  She was joking of course.  John was more of a “laptop rebel”, an “indoor revolutionary”, not … Continue reading A New Earth – New Beginning

A New Earth – Hurricane World

continued from previous “Are you sure?” – said Ben “It is one of our working hypotheses at the moment”, Olivia replied.  “It is possible that hurricanes, and other storms, combined with tropical temperatures, act almost like a shaking incubator environment:  they increase gas exchange at the sea surface, therefore providing more CO2 for the phytoplankton – … Continue reading A New Earth – Hurricane World