A New Earth – Misshapen

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John stuck his hand into the grey plastic bag full of random items he had salvaged from the debris during his walks. He knew there must be a blue crayon somewhere in there. He could vividly recall the moment he had found it, sticking out of a crack in the broken asphalt. Pulling it out he noticed that about half of it had melted at some point in the height of the summer heat.  The melted extension had made a mold of the inside of the crevasse, extending out of the otherwise perfectly cylindrical body of the crayon. It looked like a wing – a rather misshapen one at that, but still, a wing of sorts.

A-ha! Found it!  The half-torn label on the side read “COBALT B..” before abruptly disappearing into the melted and re-coagulated part.  John looked at the mutant crayon for a second, deciding whether to use its normal, factory-shaped pointed tip, or the irregular thin wing.  He held it up at shoulder height, making a five-centimeter faint horizontal line on the wall of his reception hallway.  Pressing down harder, he continued down the hall, and into the dirty but otherwise empty walls of his unfurnished apartment.  Continuing around the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, he extended the blue line until he had come full circle to the original point in the hallway.  The blue line was an artificial horizon.  He had brought the ocean into his flat.

He begun to draw below the horizon, using the same squiggly lines he had used in his notebook drawing.  Looking around the living room for a second, he contemplated what he had just started.  “who gives a fuck” – he thought, as he threw some ambient music on and started drawing whatever the moment threw at him. The winged crayon was about to live its next incarnation in John’s hands, as wave patterns reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Stary Night twisted and turned past each other on the wall.  Something was pushing John to draw again. 

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