The Age of Climate Entertainment

Entertainment: the experience of watching or attending an event, whether it is real or not, whether it is happening right now or it took place in the past, and relishing the fact that you can watch it from a safe distance.  The one being entertained usually has an intense curiosity about the subject matter they … Continue reading The Age of Climate Entertainment

Self Destruction: The Final Chapter

An unintended side-effect.  It usually lurks like a disease, fully detectable, yet ignorable enough to be able to continue its slow, destructive advance.  Self-destruction follows a lazy, incremental progression that allows it to fool its victim’s senses and gradually build its crescendo under the cover of night.  Although it advances slow enough to give the … Continue reading Self Destruction: The Final Chapter

Deceive Yourself

As they grew and developed, all human civilisations fell victim to their own arrogance.  Witnessing their economic boom, their population expansion, it was easy for all of them to naively assume that bigger was better, bigger was stronger.  The mistake all of these civilisations made was failing to realize that it actually takes a lot … Continue reading Deceive Yourself

Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

This planet has suffered long enough under humans, so much so that I think it deserves to finally have "a fit". To go crazy. Just literally nuts, bonkers, off the wall insane. Hasn't it waited its turn long enough? For thousands of years humans did whatever they wanted: killing, destroying, pushing ecosystems to the brink. … Continue reading Let Earth Have Her Tantrum