A New Earth – The Oracle

continued from previous Of course, John wasn’t the only one who knew that the natural world was accelerating towards a new order.  Artificial Intelligence programs, originally designed with the purpose of forecasting investment performance, had self-learned the art of speculation to the point where they could predict almost anything, about anyone.  It wasn’t until their … Continue reading A New Earth – The Oracle

A New Earth – Revolving Doors

continued from previous Olivia stepped off the podium as a lightning storm of flash photography erupted.  The rest of her team helped her escape the room, as reporters fired questions over each other like stockbrokers on a bidding frenzy. “Are you crazy?  said Michael. “We’re going to lose our research grant”.   “I don’t care” … Continue reading A New Earth – Revolving Doors

A New Earth – War of the Plagues

continued from previous No one was touching the sandwiches at the UN Security Council meeting.  Putrid air was coming in uninvited through the windows, which needed to be kept open due to the sweltering heat radiating out of New York City’s concrete nuclear furnace.   Last year’s International Treaty on Carbon Footprints had meant that air … Continue reading A New Earth – War of the Plagues

A New Earth – Judgement Day

continued from previous John heard a knock on his door, knowing that it was probably Aspen.  One downside of his Minimalist lifestyle was that his social circle had suffered from it, shrinking dramatically as it mirrored the rest of his downsized life:  always aiming for simplicity, frugality, making sure to leave plenty of space and … Continue reading A New Earth – Judgement Day

A New Earth – Infection

(continued from previous) But this morning was different for John.  Still lying in bed, he was struggling to listen to the world. There was an eerie silence.  He dreaded the view he would come across when he eventually looked out of his window, and into the thin strip of ocean that is sandwiched between the … Continue reading A New Earth – Infection

A New Earth – Green Snow

(continued from previous) As the sun began to set over a lonely, defeated Atlantic Ocean, the endless phytoplankton carpet slowly began to glow: first in orange, then in pink and deep purple hues.  Could this be the Earth of the future?  Could this become permanent?  The wilted phytoplankton was now entering a spectacular death spiral.  … Continue reading A New Earth – Green Snow

A New Earth – Gosh, They’re Big!

continued from previous The 6pm Breaking News jingle disturbed the city’s sleepy damp afternoon as word broke out about the two big giant phytoplankton colonies in the Atlantic.  The news presenters’ voices came in from all directions, arriving within fractions of a second from each other from the various speakers flanking each side of the … Continue reading A New Earth – Gosh, They’re Big!

Happy End of The World

There is something cathartic about failure.  About reaching rock bottom, just like a drug addict who realizes that they can’t possibly fall any lower.  Having reached the end of the line, there is nothing for them to look forward to anymore, or to worry about, for that matter.  A bizarre sense of calm and optimism suddenly prevails.  Not because … Continue reading Happy End of The World

Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult

The Latin roots of the word consumption give away some fairly revealing hints as to how our consumer-based civilization had, since its very early stages, already began its transformation into a planet-cidal death cult. Con(altogether) and Sumere(take-up) basically means complete and total exhaustion of a resource.  This is how humans, as recent as the last millennium, perceived in … Continue reading Consumption is a Self-Eating Death Cult

The Waken Has Launched. Time to Wake Up.

Today a new collaboration has sprung from the ashes of the pandemic: one between an author, and a video artist. Want to find out what we've been up to? Here's our first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1SsuGOgAwo We are The Waken: a window into our nightmare. We are trying to turn the window into an escape route. We … Continue reading The Waken Has Launched. Time to Wake Up.