As long as we continue to treat other life forms on this planet as products, protesters will continue to be treated like ducks in a shooting range: plastic, and lifeless

We are constantly alternating between two states: either in conflict and competition with our own death, or in denial of it

This civilisation so far has aimed to shield us from anything that is mortal, anything that is wild, anything that reminds us of the fact that we in fact came from the wild

Surviving today comes in conflict with surviving tomorrow. All of our survival mechanisms have had short term benefits but long term punishing consequences

No technological know-how, no renewable energy technology or Green New Deal will ever fix a black heart: a heart that wants to exploit, to consume, to turn people and beings into products and profit

The planet has began to deploy its most sophisticated arsenal: biological weapons. And it is paying back humanity with the same token: we tried to choke it with CO2, it is now trying to choke us with a a viral respiratory pathogen

By splitting the person into a worthless vessel and a priceless soul, the church was able to manipulate us, and capitalism to objectify us, productising and monetising both our vessel and our soul

Denial brings Disaster. Desperation brings Hope

This house that we have made out of candy, our civilisation, is starting to melt in the heat of its own by-products. The only solution is to close down the candy factory and start over

Our trauma denial means that we have created a civilisation that traumatises us. Every. Single. Day

Embracing our mortality is the most alive thing we can do

We are all alone and together in this crisis. Alone because each and every one of us now has the responsibility to wake up on their own. And together because only if we join our forces can we make it through

In order to absorb Earth into our economic system, we had to give it an expiration date. Just like milk or electronics, we had to make it obsolescent

Just like most forms of diabetes, Capitalism was preventable. It is prevented by resisting the most addictive sweetener that has ever existed: profit