Meeting Point

I’ve seen it in my dreams.Dead people don’t go to heaven.They all gather on a long beach, Where all other dead beings go.Some of them wander about restlessly,looking for their other dead relatives,much like seashells on the beach,eternally looking for their lost half. This is nature’s central morgue:all bodies are cleansed by the waves,neatly displayed on the … Continue reading Meeting Point


Sometimes when the light is just right, it will appear out in the far distance. Just below the horizon, a faint, yet frigidly pure strip of electric blue, distilled over and over through hundreds of miles of atmosphere. Protected from contamination, it stays safely in the distance. Envied by all, even the rainbow, a symbol … Continue reading Cobalt


Like a guilty party reveller, the light tiptoes its way in slowly, hoping that it will enter unnoticed. In a world of on and off switches, it still prefers to do things the old-fashioned way: gradually, gracefully, compassionately. Even those who dread a new start, have the time to change their mind. About everything. George … Continue reading Dawn