The Myth of Human Rights

The concept of “entitlement” is a human invention.  Yes, all species on the planet “deserve” to have “things”, and this includes humans.  However, all of these “things”, whether they are food, water, space or other resources, are shared among all species.  Sharing is the only way to run such a complex system as Earth.  The concept of sharing ensures that everyone has something to live on.  More importantly, everyone gets an equal share of the surplus when times are good and there is extra food and water to go around, and equally, everyone gets a share of the pain when times are hard, and resources are few.  It is a socialist system whereby everyone is a stakeholder.

Now let’s get back to entitlement, which is not about sharing.  It is about declaring, to the rest of the 8 million species of the planet, that your share will be such and such, and that you are entitled to this much land, this much water and this much food, no matter what.  Oh, and you can increase your share whenever you like, without warning anyone else, even if this means their immediate extinction.

This is the idea behind “Human Rights”, which aim to “own” resources and land areas which were to be shared.  A “right” is a fascist concept on planet Earth, by simple virtue of how our planet operates:  the success of Earth’s ecosystems lies precisely on the concept of sharing resources, which keeps all species in balanced competition with each other.  This balanced competition in turn ensures the survival of each species and the tremendous biodiversity that up to a few hundred years ago existed on this planet.

“Human Rights” are nothing but illogical constructs conceived once upon a time by a narcissist human who was so insecure and selfish, they refused to share Earth with all other species.  They wanted to divide everything into what is “yours” and “mine”.  It wasn’t about safeguarding “rights”.  It was about arbitrarily securing privileges.

“Laws” and the legal profession of course had to be developed, in order to solidify the structure around these “rights” into what we call laws.  While some laws are good, and very much needed, the problem with laws as a principle is that they apply only to humans in the vast majority of cases.

As the list of “rights” and “laws” became more and more elaborate, the human species eventually got together and awarded itself a long, long, loooong list of privileges: More than 193 countries ratified the Declaration of Human Rights, safeguarding the right to food, housing, education, health and stipulating that all individuals that belong to the human species, and only that species, should be treated equally: with fairness, dignity and respect (I’ll give you a minute to recover from laughing).

Of course, given that the Human Rights Act was conceived, written, decided upon and voted by humans and only humans, the other 8 million species who shared this planet too were left out.  They in fact had absolutely no “rights” whatsoever: no right to a habitat that they can call home.  No right to a food source that won’t be depleted by humans. No right to their safety and well-being, not even the right to exist, to continue as a species on Earth.   

The Human Rights Act is the legitimization of the tyranny of humans on Earth.  This is a planet that operates by the open sharing of resources, not by “rights” of ownership or privilege which result in conflict and bottlenecks in the cycling of nutrients and resources through the planet.  What if the Amazon rainforest was to go on strike because it felt that its “rights” (and rightly so) were trampled upon?  The consequences would be detrimental.

But do not worry.  Earth will always find ways to rebalance its system, because it simply obeys the only real “laws” that exist:  the laws of physics.   Selfish, independent actors that want everything for themselves are quickly sussed out by the ecosystem, and punished handsomely.  Humanity is about to be cut down to size in the most “right” way, obeying the “laws” of physics.  And if you think for a minute that our planet is not intelligent, the Earthnet of Things has its eyes and ears out, and it is watching. And it has already decided: “These are not human rights.  These are human crimes.”

As humanity’s abuse of Earth’s abundance comes full circle, climate and political events will unavoidably result in a massive population correction, and Earth will become a “correctional facility” for humans. It will be painful, but we only have ourselves to blame.

Are you ready for your mugshot?

(from the upcoming “Little Book of Doom”)

George is an author, researcher, podcast host, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, sign up for blog alerts below, or enjoy his books

2 thoughts on “The Myth of Human Rights

  1. Thanks for this commentary. I have come to the conclusion that this whole Human Crimes system originally emanated from a particular value system originating fundamentally and largely from Abrahamic, Judeo/ Christianity biblically based ethics. It would seem this value system underpins much of our laws and lack of laws around the planet via economic globalisation. This system is rarely criticized!

  2. YES, we do not know how to share. We suffer from humanism. It appears to be a fatal condition. And yes I am still acting fatally. Trapped / addictively trying to pursue self interest hedonistically and selfishly. I have been seduced by the prevailing culture of material pleasure. Eating what I know I shouldn’t and pursuing materialistic pleasures. Cognitive dissonance continuously causing anxiety. Mother natures human experiment appears to be on the way out. We do not know how to share. We do not understand that life is a snake eating its tail in a way that it can last if each form does not take more than it’s share. Symbiosis is the law. Give and Take in balance. There is no OTHER. ALL IS ONE. We are pretending that billions of years of changing life forms was all about a clever ape. That seems to be a myth. Love Rick

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