Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

This planet has suffered long enough under humans, so much so that I think it deserves to finally have “a fit”. To go crazy. Just literally nuts, bonkers, off the wall insane. Hasn’t it waited its turn long enough?

For thousands of years humans did whatever they wanted: killing, destroying, pushing ecosystems to the brink. THEY have been the “babies” having a tantrum. And indeed they are babies, because they lack the maturity of an adult. But let’s not bore each other with things we already know…

So why should Earth be different from humans? After all, what goes around comes around, no literally, in a circular system such as Earth. We fuck the atmosphere, the oceans, the biosphere, the ozone layer, the soils, the Arctic, what did you expect to happen: Earth is finally the one about to have a massive tantrum. You have no idea how pissed she is. No, really, you don’t.

Please stop the debating and hoping, please put down the massive hopium joint you’ve rolled up to smoke. Or actually, I take that back. Go ahead, smoke up. It won’t make a difference. The collapse is unavoidable, its gonna happen whether you’re high as a kite or as sober as a depressed doomer.

Interestingly, this collapse will represent the very first time in our history when the entirety of humanity feels utterly powerless. Does this mean the human baby will now grow up? No, you silly!!! Didn’t I tell you to put the hopium fag away? Save some for later, it might be useful as an emergency painkiller.

The lack of any remorse from humans is another reason why I’m not sad that things will take their own course, especially given that we deserve this fate. I know, I know, yes, I’m a misanthrope, and ecofascist, doomer etc etc yes go on have your tantrum, take it out on me, it still won’t change the course of events. You’re only shooting the messenger. And you’re so high on hopium you’re gonna miss…

Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about our extinction. Our species has made so many other species extinct, I could care less at this point whether humanity goes missing. Fair enough?

What the hell…can you pass that joint I think I may take a drag.

George is an author, researcher, podcast host, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, sign up for blog alerts below, or enjoy his books

2 thoughts on “Let Earth Have Her Tantrum

  1. Humans are the most exploitative, destructive, wasteful and polluting predator and parasite to ever walk upon the surface of planet earth. Since we climbed out of the trees and walked upright we’ve done nothing but ruin nature in every way for our own greedy desires. There is no environment on earth or the flora and fauna that make up those environments that are not despoiled or tainted by our human touch. But Mother Nature has had enough now. Mother Nature has declared war, and through climate change she is doing her damned best to rid herself of the most destructive predator and parasite ever.

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