We Are The Suicide Bots

Technology has its way of accelerating the growth of a civilisation, as well as its demise. We have now crossed the point where the technology we invented has been so embedded into the fabric of our daily lives, that it feels less of a fabric and more of a spider web weaving us into a cocoon mummy. We have become trapped in fake news, bullshit jobs, the money chase, all of which have been tremendously enabled and accelerated by technology and the internet. We’ve lost any sense of a moral compass or conscience not because we have become bad people, but because we have no time for it. Morality, compassion, big picture thinking is just pointless now. It is unable to penetrate the steel-strong spider fibre web of our glistening cocoon, which defines the limits of our myopic, ever-decreasing personal universe.

But most of all we’ve been turned into zombies, having lost contact with the one and only thing in this world that really ever mattered, and where we came from originally: the nature that still sustains everything that lives, breathes, dies and is reborn on this planet. Not out of appreciation and gratitude towards the nature that gave birth to us, but because nature is the REAL web we are born to be connected to: we need to feel connected to its life force in order to even feel alive. We automatically made ourselves dead once we pulled the plug from nature.

Robots, zombies, techno-humans? what shall we call ourselves? For a start, how about recognizing that we are not actually alive anymore. We are asleep, especially those of us living in a city and deeply embedded in busy careers with companies that damage people, places and the environment just so that they can turn a profit and pay our salaries. We are consciously unconscious, unconsciously going through the motions of a mechanical life where we have lots of purpose, but absolutely no meaning. This is because we are going through increasingly confined and restricted movements, as much as we have been made to believe that the number of our options and choices has become infinite.

I call Bullshit.

So what will these robots get up to? Well, you are witnessing it already. We will consume until we run out of stuff completely, and begin eating each other. Unless we disconnect ourselves from the hardware that is poisoning our minds, we won’t wake up. We will continue to live in the matrix, and die in the matrix. Have fun.

George is an author, researcher, podcast host, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, sign up for blog alerts below, or enjoy his books

7 thoughts on “We Are The Suicide Bots

  1. Some where back in time we slipped into the great forgetting about our origins and now suffer from amnesia. We have been seduced and bedazzled by our collective cleverness to manipulate the materials of the periodic chart and build prosthetic tools and monuments that we use to attempt to conquer and control the system that created us in the first place. We have made living and dying exceedingly tedious. If we could go back in time and recover all of the energy and material we have put into weaponry and monuments and put that into livingry as Bucky Fuller called it, in a trully conscious way without the amnesia who knows what may have happened. It appears our lot in life was/is to overcome collective amnesia and /or die trying. All we really had to learn is that “the other” is a figment of our imagination, a persistent hallucination. All is one. Life is the snake eating its tail in a very clever way so as to not destroy the integrity of the web. There is more likely than not, no free lunch and no meaning, except to smell the roses and go with the flow. Love Rick

  2. I think we have become the organic machines robots we fear so much in sci-fi movies, mindless drones programmed by our poisonous materialistic culture, i fear the robotic mind that people now possess, just look around and tell me who is thinking on any serious level about anything, we are just moving organic cyborgs stopping to await further instructions from the television on how to live, after 50 years of television exposure we are all actors now, we can fake any feeling or gesture just like the narcissistic hollywood idol’s we stare at endlessly on our screens. When you ask people what they feel right now, they have no idea ,they are so disconnected from themselves they are just like organic robots.

  3. You hit it right. Our socio-economic construct has become a superorganism, that writes and enforces its own rules. It rewards those who serve it, it punishes those who oppose it (with selective death if needed). There are many parallels between this superorganism and a biological organism, like us. It has an inner organisation that trancends above the domains of its components. It has organs: governments, institutes, coorporations, partnerships that all build on the common code that we wrote our modern society on. Then there is us humans, just mere cells in the fabric. We have to serve our purpose, or we will be removed. We can compete, for being better cells, and be rewarded with key positions. Like CEO’s, presidents etc. But none of us can sin against the underlying force that unites our powers: to serve the prosperity of our human (anti-nature) construct. We make it work, we are the elemental building blocks of this machine. Especially those who try hard. On every level the law of productivity haunts us and pulls us. This superorganism is an artificial intelligence, that is not written in computers, but in laws, in conventions, in morale. We are its transistors as long as we do not oversee its reach and its dominance over the world. It is time to bring the light on this creation, spread awareness in people at all levels of its domain, to show the true cost of what they are serving. How to open eyes of people who have grown into this, whose minds are so integrated in it, who emotionally are so dependent on its rewards and justification….

  4. YES, we have been seduced, and led into temptation, by fear, confusion, and small mindedness. Amnesia. We have been turned into zombie drones. Biologically we are small group territorial pack animals. The cooperative tribe. The scale of civilization is unnatural. It has caused us to forget what we are. It has made us neurotic. We are undergoing a long drawn out self domestication. We are deep into overshoot and are struggling to recognize a way out that won’t involve fear and pain. Both physical and emotional. We are caught in a collective narcissistic fantasy. We got here unconsciously. Our parents didn’t see it coming. We are here and we need to scale down carefully or go extinct by our own hand and mind. The tragic truth we don’t want to face. Love Rick

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