Number 81

All civilisations tend to give the false impression that, as they grow, they become more powerful, more invincible, almost unstoppable. This is an illusion.

They all have one weakness, which becomes more and more pronounced, the more that they grow: Complexity.

The more complexity a civilisation develops, the more fragile it becomes, just like a house of cards.  Today’s house of cards is composed of millions of fragile, interdependent relationships, many more than ever before:

People relying on a fragile food supply chain as the climate crisis destroys farming and transportation worldwide.

House prices depending on a delusional financial system that predicts infinite growth on an almost destroyed planet.

A social system of slavery where employers take for granted the patience of a workforce who has already burned out and is finally realising it was being exploited.

But when the house of cards falls, it’s nothing to write home about, really.

We are just number 81: the most recent, and final, addition to 80 previous human civilisations who died, just as they were becoming the most complex,

the most sophisticated,

the most ambitious,

the most technologically advanced,

and the most narcissistically arrogant.

They all simply became blind

To their own collapse.

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