Meta Slavery: Zuckerberg wants us all to become Avatars so that he can own us

We have finally arrived.  In case you still don’t understand how dangerous the dystopia that Mark Zuckerberg is dragging us into is, go watch Vanilla Sky. Or Avatar.  Or Black Mirror.  It’s not a movie anymore.  It’s here.

Are you too lazy and depressed (and fat) to get off the couch?  Don’t worry, you can just move your mouse a bit and within a few clicks go and get dressed online and show up to your favorite virtual pub where you can join other avatars representing “friends” you’ve never met, all of you looking fresh, happy and accomplished.

Are you too scared of climate change? Don’t worry, you can create your own little virtual forest where you can go and meditate, each day.  Can you hear that?  Well, how did you forget already!  It’s the little stream flowing through the forest, you designed that last week, remember? Who needs real trees anyway, we need to burn them down so we can charge our iphones so that we can get on Meta. That’s where life is now.

Go ahead, fall asleep.  You’re doing it already anyway, in the real world. There is a climate catastrophe happening but all you are doing is selfishly consuming, emitting, devouring Earth’s resources like there is no tomorrow.  You are a slave to capitalism and The CO2 Machine that is destroying our planet. 

Except that now you have gained a second slave master:  Mark Zuckerberg owns not just your data, but everything about you.  And if you think for a minute that he just owns your avatar, and not your entire life, think again.

Welcome to Meta

3 thoughts on “Meta Slavery: Zuckerberg wants us all to become Avatars so that he can own us

  1. Dearest George, I have already uninstalled FB and Messenger several hours ago. If everyone uninstalled his apps what would happen? I can survive without FB and have several times when I have been in remote places. Can we revolt? I have already. Am charging up my prepay phone as I write this.

    Aròhanui mai Aotearoa, ka kete ano. Roi (Noeline)

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