A New Earth – Connected

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“We need to register as many blood sample volunteers as we can before the grid comes back up” John said, holding a clipboard with a sheet where the first 5 lines were already filled up.

Olivia nodded back, adding “We don’t even know if the phenomenon is related to the Apocalypse Locus.  For all I know someone may have contaminated the city water supply with Black Sky, purely as a practical joke.”

David broke out laughing just as a loud thud of someone tapping on a microphone was heard from the direction of the main stage.  The Revelers had managed to hotwire the main screen, disconnecting it from The Line and turning it into a livecast of Aberash’s sermon from the far corner of the square.  This gathering was now turning into some kind of an impromptu rally.

“Dear fellow human beings.  I am just as surprised as you are with what has happened today” she said smiling at the audience as they all cheered and clapped.  She let the audience finish, while waving and smiling at numerous individuals that she recognized in the crowd.

“I look around this group today and I see friendly faces. I just want to reassure those of you who are new to our circle: don’t be afraid.  Welcome home.”

She stepped down from a makeshift podium made of plastic crates as the Revelers took over, appearing to get ready for their usual party.  From the size of this crowd, it looked like the tribe of The Children was about to massively expand its membership.

Of course, none of this event was covered by The Line.  And none of the non-empaths could see the blue outlines.  They couldn’t see the air as it glided between the leaves of the yucca bush.  They couldn’t see the buildings as they looked down at the only palm left on the square, trying to grow their own roots.  They couldn’t hear the tiny gasps coming from the earth below as it begged for rain.  They couldn’t tell that everything around them was actually alive.  That it had always been alive, it had always been connected.

(from the upcoming novel A New Earth) – PRE-ORDER NOW:

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2 thoughts on “A New Earth – Connected

  1. I love your writing style. The opening is always an anticipatory set, followed by great ensuing details, then, the ending always captures the essence. Another great piece. Thanks.

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