A New Earth – The Waken

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As the grid began to shut down across the city, Aspen felt a strange, unexplained calmness.  It was the kind of calmness that one feels when two people in front of them suddenly stop shouting at each other: the silence becomes a magnifying glass for even the slightest noise, as the chaos turns into a meditation.  Aspen was packing away dead plants when she noticed that her vision had become blurry.  All objects seemed to have an extra outline added to them, almost like a halo, in a light blue tint.  Thinking it must be the grow lights malfunctioning again, she stepped outside for a break.  Opening the heavy industrial door to the street, she saw the world like she had never seen it before: every object seemed to have an extra dimension.  It was like she had taken a heavy dose of Black Sky, but even more vivid, even more detailed, even more tangible.  She could see the air shifting around as people walked through it.  She could see individual rays of the sun as they fell on surfaces, and then reflected in all directions.  The clouds up above looked like baby blue cotton candy that was somehow illuminated from the inside.

Mesmerized by the experience, she started walking towards the square.  There were more people on the ground than usual.  She suddenly saw a man with a bold blue outline around him.  She stared at him curiously, and he stared back.  She began to approach him.  It appeared that he was also similarly curious about her.  Could it be that he was seeing the same blue outline on Aspen?

“Do you…see what I see?” Aspen said.

“Yea” he replied.

A woman who also had a blue outline ran towards them from across the street, shouting: “so do I!”

They noticed small groups of other “blue” people walking towards the square, similarly clueless, similarly curious, yet deep down they all knew that they had somehow acquired a new level of consciousness.  Most of them already knew each other.  They were all empaths, whether they were Apo-positive or not, whether they were Children, Minimalists, or simply humans. 

The only explanation Aspen could think of was that the AI virus blackout must have had the effect of indirectly strengthening the EoT’s energy field in the city.  Hundreds of people were now gathering at the square, with more and more arriving from all directions.  The atmosphere was jubilant as the Revellers starting moving in their sound equipment.  Aspen saw John, Olivia and David across the other side.  She waved at them as they began to walk over, their blue halos completely merged into one.

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