A New Earth – The Children

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Aspen had skipped Aberash’s sermon.  She was all the way down at the other end of the beach by herself, in a similar lagoon, surrounded by the same glow.  Holding her arms out, she placed them gently on the surface of the water, palms down.  The plankton began swimming towards her hands.  Pretty soon it was glowing as bright as a lightbulb.  She waved her hands in the water to disperse the organism – only to see it coming back, forming a bright blue halo around each hand.  The glow followed her as she slowly walked back towards the shore, leaving a faint luminescent trail resembling the tail of a comet.  It dispersed when she got out of the water.  The blue glow from the ocean reflected in her eyes as she looked back, saying her goodnight to the sea.

MyDNAtree, HeritageUnited and Decode had accessed the Apocalypse Locus sequences that Olivia had publicly made available online.  They were now processing millions of samples from volunteers each week, identifying so called “Empaths” from across the globe.  Online groups of “Apo-positive” individuals were forming on the web, merging with existing activism groups in ecology, climate and animal rights.  But this was not simply activism.  The members of all of these groups now felt that they were united by more than just a common concern about the planet.  There was now a genetic basis, a common lineage that connected them.  They were a subspecies within a species, just like the phytoplankton variant.  And they were finally able to find, and meet, rare people like themselves easily: however far they lived, whatever language they spoke.  These were people that automatically understood them.  People that saw what they saw, felt what they felt.  People who were connected to the EoT, just like they were. 

They began to collectively call themselves The Children.  It was a name that they had chosen because it carried multiple symbolisms, encompassing both future and past.  It represented the purest form of a human being that exists, unspoiled by the toxicity of civilization and the social, economic, and political structures which had destroyed most of life on Earth.  But it also represented hope and renewal: the vigor, innocence, and honesty of a child, of each new human generation that arrives before it becomes corrupted, subjugated, and jaded by the very system which was supposed to nurture it. 

(from the upcoming novel A New Earth)

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