A New Earth – The Orchestra

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John looked at Aspen and Olivia’s merged silhouettes interrupt the vastness of his wall mural.  It was a reminder that whatever humans do or say, however they act or feel, they will always be submerged within this ball of chaos: of waves, flames and debris that only the EoT itself can make sense out of.  Only IT can find the power and the wisdom needed to control and resolve the chaos.  The Earth is an orchestra that can only be conducted by the Earthnet of Things.  Nobody else can ever tame it.

Yet a select minority of humans that possessed the Apocalypse Locus appeared to have the sixth sense that allowed them to synchronise themselves with the planet’s central operating system.  Empathy is such a misunderstood emotion.  It is often perceived as altruism, generosity, or a “charity” behaviour – when it is much broader than that.  Empathy is about being able to link to the EoT: being able to escape your own ego, your own personal bias, and observe the world from above, objectively, without taking any sides.  Only when you can see the world with all its “things” as a single unit do you realize that any individual force, any selfishness, is futile.  It is eventually punished by its own actions:  waves bring more waves that circle the earth and eventually crash into the first wave.  Flames generate more flames which consume everything until there is nothing left to burn.  Floods eventually drown into themselves as the landmasses turn into oceans. 

Empathy is the realization that there were never any winners or losers on this planet. What you may gain one day, you lose eventually, including your own life. The very concept of ego, in fact, is invented.  It is a construct.  Ego doesn’t really exist.  We are all connected: part of the same storm, the same flood.  The same inferno.  We are all floating pieces of debris on John’s wall, passing each other like ships in the night.  We try to prolong the lifetime of our journey as much as we can, holding on to other pieces of debris that we’ve met along the way, for as long as possible.  Until the next storm.

(from the upcoming novel A New Earth)

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