A New Earth – The Circle

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Olivia looked at her notifications. Jonathan had just sent her a screenshot of a satellite image of the illuminated area of the Atlantic ocean, and a message: “on my way”. Over at the Minimalists’ corner, the ritual celebration had turned into a leadership meeting. Heading it was a woman in her early 60s with a barely noticeable West African accent. She went by the unusual name Aberash (“giving off light”.)

“I think we all know what this means. The rate of new mutations is increasing, with yet another variant now born. This means that Earth is still alive, but she is clearly preparing the ground for a very different future – one that probably none of us dares to, or wants to, visualise. You are all here because you understand what is happening to our planet. You don’t need an explanation or proof, because you’ve been part of this inner circle of Minimalists since birth – whether consciously aware of it or not. You were born with a natural connection to the living beings of this planet, which gives you the power of insight. I look around this group and I can see it in your faces: almost everyone here has had a premonition over the past year, in one form or another. Sometimes these premonitions manifest themselves as an undefined gut feeling, a worry or generalised anxiety, and a sense that time is speeding up. Others in our group have reported strange deja vu’s, as if they are re-experiencing a previous crisis – maybe from someone else’s past, maybe from the future. Yet for others, there is this constant sense that you are not alone. That you are being watched, being monitored by “something”, a power of some sort that is not an oppressor but more of a companion or chaperone, connecting you to everything and everyone around you. So far we have been loosely calling this the EoT, or Earthnet of Things: what we believe to be the planet’s neural information network. For those of us who have felt the EoT, it tends to be a comforting and reassuring experience most of the time.”

Aberash took a long pause as she looked down into the solar fairy lights that blinked in the sand. They reflected in peoples’ eyes affixed in her direction, waiting patiently for her next words. She seemed to hesitate at first:

“But lately, we’ve been getting mixed signals. And some of us have had more than just the usual premonitions from the EoT. We’ve had members who have seen visions – perhaps of the future, we are not sure. We need to understand these signals better. And we may have a chance to connect some of the dots using science”

Aberash nodded to Aspen as she continued:

“I’d like to introduce you to a relatively recent member of our team whom you might have met already. Aspen has come here to ask you for a favour, so please listen to what she has to say”

From the upcoming novel A New Earth

One thought on “A New Earth – The Circle

  1. I like the meaning of Aberash and how that fits throughout the whole story.

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