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“OK.  So I think this was enough gardening for today”, Olivia said.  “Let me take David home and I’ll see you guys later.”

They parted ways, each of them taking home one of Aspen’s delicious salads and heading towards air-conditioning.  Aspen hadn’t told John her secret yet:  that she had known where Petunia was buried from the moment that she had stepped foot on that square.  Ever since her near-death experience and rescue by the Minimalists, she had developed a type of premonition, almost like a sixth sense.  She could connect to all living things around her: able to sense their presence, their fear and suffering, and sometimes even their death.  At times she would feel a similar connection with entire places and events happening far away, in countries she had never visited in her life.  It almost felt like she was “wired” into the entirety of Earth.  Was this the Earthnet of Things? 

Brain injuries and near-death experiences have been known to affect peoples’ senses.  As they stare death in the eye, some people emerge from their experience with an incredible level of compassion for all living things – and for life itself – which feels almost like a sixth sense.  No one’s life is ever the same once they’ve seen the other side: once they’ve had an out-of-body experience, where they get to feel for the very first time what it’s like to not have an ego: to be neither here or there, but everywhere and everything. 

Having a brush with death is not only a humbling experience.  It opens up a new dimension, activating our most primal survival reflexes.  Many people report thousands of images running through their brain at the time when they were having a brush with death.  These images are nothing but their own brain running through its database, trying to discover the meaning of life by looking through its records, right before everything shuts down.  It is trying to answer the question “what was the point, what was the meaning of my life?  I need to know before I die.”  And as it does this, sometimes it manages to connect to the mainline:  the EoT.  The answer it was looking for was simple:

“To simply exist, to be part of this incredible network”

Some of the Minimalists achieved this state of mind with Black Sky.  Others simply realized that the EoT had always been inside of them.  Like a rusty gadget that they always had but never bothered to use, all they had to do was simply turn it on.   

from the upcoming novel A New Earth

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