A New Earth – The Salad

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John looked down at the square from his flat as he was finishing his salad.  It was a sunny morning again, and the mystery gardener busy at work early, expanding his little plot at the flattened botanical gardens.  John could not tell if it was a man or a woman.  All he saw from above was a large straw hat with an arm extending out, pulling on a watering hose.  The patch seemed to have been expanded considerably, and John even noticed a possible hint of green by the climbing stalks that had been there for days.

The rest of the square had remained pretty much unchanged – probably to the gardener’s benefit, who didn’t want to draw any attention to himself from looters or delinquents that may want to trample on his plants just for fun.  The square had become a symbol of human civilization:  Largely destroyed, with a tiny, barely noticeable cradle of life trying to jump start things, using all that was available: sun, soil, water, and hope.

But the late summer heat was too much even for the gardener to be safely outside.  He, or she, probably knew that they were taking a massive gamble both with their own life and that of their plants. Their experiment was not so much about producing food for themselves.  They just wanted to see if Earth could still produce.  They wanted to know if plants, and specifically which ones, could resist the heat stress.  The gardener wanted to know whether they were living in the same planet as before.  Whether this planet, where humans were sustained through indoor-grown salads and artificial foods, was in fact still habitable.

The sun was now covering most of the square.  John put down his empty plastic salad container as he watched the gardener pull a tarp covering over part of the garden, then walk away.  It was time for John to get to work.

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5 thoughts on “A New Earth – The Salad

  1. When I read this I immediately thought of Cormac McCarthy’s wonderful book “The Road”, only some people can grasp that it’s a dystopian love story between a father and a son.

  2. I love the analogous relationship of the salad and gardening, yet it moved right into the real life of both as well. Your works should be used by reading, English, science, botany and geography teachers. You use wonderful elements of analogies, inferences, allegory, character development, geographical development, geological development, use of adjectives, adjective/verb/noun agreement, vocabulary development, critical thinking, predictions, anticipatory set, cycle development, cause/effect, figurative language, imaginative art, visualization and more. These stories should be pushed out educationally and sustainability in education as well as environmentally and earthly sustainability.

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