A New Earth – Black Sky

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But the Revelers could see beyond the fake sky.  They just needed a little help sometimes.  They used music to access their most primal, yet compassionate, inner life force.  When they needed to connect to the Earth, they used a cocktail of entheogens called Black Sky.  The trip would begin in total darkness, as their consciousness retreated into its primal core.  But soon, fields of energy would begin to appear first as shy, blue outlines that pulsated lazily, moving about as if they were trapped in a lava lamp.  They would then suddenly become more active, more detailed, until they took a variety of different forms.  Eventually it would become obvious to the substance user that what they were seeing was the real the world, but through a new lens.  The blue light was some kind of new wavelength that opened another spatial dimension.  It was an infra-blue vision of the planet’s energy flow.  The Revelers would look up to the sky and be able to see, in every detail, the wind as it blew into the clouds.  After some practice, they would be able to see oxygen slowly emanate like steam out of the tops of the trees. 

Some believed that what they were witnessing was the EoT in action, as it used its energy channels and rivers to send messages back and forth throughout the biosphere.

Black Sky helped the Revelers tap into the planet’s neural network.  It reminded them that they were part of this network themselves: that they were all brothers and sisters with the sky, the sea, the plants and the animals.  They would all survive together or die together.

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