A New Earth – A Thousand Cuts

The next day the sun was blindingly bright.  It was almost as if Julia wanted everyone to see what she had done.  There was incredible peace: not a sound could be heard, except for the sound of water while two main types of boats cruised down the main boulevard and side streets: they were either rescue teams, or looters disguised as civilian victims.  They all kept their voices low.  It was maybe because they were going through post-traumatic stress.   Or maybe they were just speechless at the devastation.  Or maybe they were keeping quiet simply out of respect for Julia, out of fear that she may come back.  They had all suddenly become Minimalists, regarding language as inadequate, as a pointless tool in moments like these.  What is the point in saying anything when the picture says it all.

For some of them this was a new feeling: to feel small.  To feel insignificant.  But not for John.  He looked at the broken glass on his kitchen floor from the window that Julia had blown out.  Looking at the chaotic mix of glass, dirt and leaves, John felt Julia’s anger.  His eyes studied the overlapping layers of glass fragments, curtain, twigs and miscellaneous debris that had flown in through the window, now sitting completely still, assembled next to each other.  This was Julia’s abstract sculpture.  It was a monument to her anger, to destruction. Looking at this mound of chaos, John realized the chaos inside Julia’s heart, and the devastation that she must have felt for a long time.  And then he saw through her anger, and felt her pain.  And the pain was deeper, stronger than the anger.  It felt like a thousand cuts, as many cuts as there were fragments of glass lying on the floor. 

Following the path of the sun’s rays, he put his hand on his knee and got up from the wet floor.  He went over to the window and looked down.  The Shell petrol station from two neighborhoods over was blocking the entrance to his building.  It was half-submerged in the flood.  At least he was safe from the looters.

(from the upcoming novel A New Earth)

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  1. I love the title- it fits many definitions as shown in this piece.

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