A New Earth – Inoculation

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Aspen showed her phone to her uncle.  The Line was broadcasting live images of the phytoplankton situation from across the world.  Trump’s voice was auto selected:

“It appears that after the Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic phytoplankton blooms that occurred earlier last month, we may now be looking at a similar phenomenon taking place – only that this time, we are witnessing a large number of much smaller clusters that seem to be spread out across a much wider geographic region – in fact, they seem to span an area from as far as the south and all the way up to the north of the Atlantic Basin.  We’ve had several updates over the past hour mentioning brand new events springing up in the Gulf of Mexico, Senegal, Argentina, and South Africa, including a potential event being investigated in the UK that we’ve just had word of literally in the past 5 minutes.  This appears to be a rapidly developing situation’’

“Well, Donald! How about skipping the beach today huh?” said the Kim Kardashian deep fake news anchor.

“Never Kim!  For as long as you get your daily dose of silicone fillers, I’m at the very least entitled to some quality time spent on my really expensive, really, really nice yacht.  I love that boat.  And to our viewers who just joined in, please stay tuned!  You’re watching The Line – we’ll be right back after these very important messages”

John and Aspen started walking faster.  The wind was now rushing perpendicular to their path in powerful, humid gusts coming from the direction of the ocean.  Aspen felt her uncle’s arm gently embrace her shoulder, until it landed there firmly under its own gravity.  The sky had turned a deep black-blue color, interrupted by fast-moving grey clouds that reflected the lights of the city.  As the last bit of light from the sunset disappeared, the seaweed smell took its place. 

“Is it happening?” Aspen said in a calm, curious tone.

“I don’t know” John replied.  “The truth is, we never know.  And even if we did, it wouldn’t make any difference.  Nature will do as she wishes.  She has her own mind, which is impossible to predict, and impossible to stop.  She never cares about what we, or any other species for that matter, think or do.  She only cares about preserving the Whole.  I guess she is impartial in that sense, like true justice.  Blind.”

(from the upcoming novel A New Earth – The Apocalypse Locus – PREORDER NOW)

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George is an author, researcher, podcast host, chemist, molecular biologist and food scientist. You can follow him on Twitter @99blackbaloons , listen to his Spotify podcast George reads George, sign up for blog alerts below, or enjoy his books

5 thoughts on “A New Earth – Inoculation

  1. All I know is that Trump doesn’t know truth nor will he give justice to those who deserve it.

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  2. Enthralling! Deep fake anchors – got to admit hearing trumpys faked voice at this point would be somewhat irritating if this was an actual news update. Very clever of you – even his fake Line version went all capitalist consumer on the serious subject & off to his really expensive really really nice yacht! Brilliant! 🙂

  3. Your last paragraph is a poignant reminder that we do not control nature. Our pathetic attempts have created our very own backlashes. Nature is powerful and will do what is needed, it is a force unto itself.

    Touching reminders of the necessary salve and working together in human interaction within your characters are gently and sympathetically written.

    Great reading. Thank you George. 💙🌍

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